Picture of Make a Diamond Pin Board
Jazz up your walls in your office or home with a fun pin board. 

You will need:

Acrylic or fabric paint
Strong scissors
Polyester pin board (got mine from Bunnings)
Paint brush
Masking/Painters tape

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Step 1: Sketch and cut your shape

Picture of Sketch and cut your shape

Step 2: Tape and Paint

Picture of Tape and Paint
Using masking tape, section of your diamond pieces and paint them with acrylic paint. The pin board does soak up a bit of paint so if you're mixing a colour be sure to make lots.

You will need to wait for each section to dry before moving onto the other colours, or if you're impatient like me you can paint up to the line carefully with a flat paintbrush

Step 3: Outline with a Sharpie

Picture of Outline with a Sharpie
When all your sections are dry, outline the design with a sharpie and a ruler. 

Step 4: Hang

Hang your finished pin board by gluing a loop of ribbon to the back, or try 3M velcro strips to attach to your wall
really well done instructable. really nice idea. thank you.

Great Instructable but my questions a bit off topic; what screen saver is your macbook using?

I was thinking the same thing :-P

It's fliqlo ;)