Picture of Make Dice From Paper
Here's a simple and nerve braking tutorial on how to make your own dice from paper. Good luck.
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Step 1: Gathering materials

Picture of Gathering materials
All you'll need for making your own dice is:
- paper;
- scissors;
- origami skills;
- hot glue gun (optional);
- marker.

Step 2: Cutting the paper

Picture of Cutting the paper
Take the paper and measure 4x4 centimeters squares (4 cm = 1.57 inches) and cut 6 squares, one square for each side of the cube (or more if you are doing multiple cubes).

Step 3: Origami magic

Now fold your squares into the parts to assemble the cube.
Don't worry if you don't know how, I added a video on that subject.

You can do it like this but make sure that you glue the sides together so it won't fall apart when you throw. I used a different method as you can see from the pictures.

Step 4: Mid-step

Picture of Mid-step
If you folded everything right without a few steps, you should be here.

Step 5: Assemble the cube

Picture of Assemble the cube
If you followed the video you should have a cube (make sure to glue it).
If u followed the pictures you should assemble the cube.

Step 6: Marking sides

Picture of Marking sides
Now you should mark the sides (it's not a dice without the numbers).
Take the marker and mark opposite sides this way 1-6, 3-4, 2-5.
2 goes on the right of 1, turn the dice so 1 is facing you and the first right side to the 1 is 2.

And "viola" there is your dice.

Step 7: Optional

You can put a little (or more) plastic with your hot glue gun in each cube to make it a little more durable and heavier.
There is a small opening where the sides meet (at least it was here with my cubes). Take the scissors and widen it enough to fit the tip of the glue gun and press 3-4 times (should be enough). Then put the cube in the freezer for a few minutes and you should have a "ready to play" cube.
boyoungssi3 years ago
HI^^ I really like the video! it makes me more understand how to make it! thanks for uploading!