Lets make Stegosaurus!
if you just want to make something just for fun.  Try this one. Its easy and fun. Especially if you like dinosaurs! You can make a stegosaurus if you want bud whit these steps you can make every dinosaur you want!

Step 1: Materials

You need the things you see in the picture. before you gone make anything make sure you get some nice inspiration on dinosaurs.
<p>WOW everyones is so AWESOME!!</p>
<p>I spent a really long time looking for one that can help my students bring to life their dinasaurs, your instruction were by far the best and most help full. can you also show of different types please. Next weekend will be making ours.</p><p>Thank you</p>
<p>awesome tutorial,can't wait to make one</p>
<p>awseome i made the pachyrhinosaur</p>
<p>i love it, it really helps when you are in the 8th grade THANK YOU!!!!</p>
<p>WOW, you friend have vaporized all my clay problems. i am eternaly gratefull</p>
<p>Dude!!!!!!! I AM SO GONNA TRY THAT OUT!!!!!! IT IS SO COOOL!</p>
How expensive is this?
<p>Wow! I couldn't do any better myself!</p>
This is so neat,I use to use all clay for my models,that became quiet expensive. <br>Not anymore!!
so very cool,nice instructable
Fantastic! When I first saw this I said (out loud! jessyratfink herself can attest): <br />Wha?? Make a Dinosaur? You didn't make this dinosaur. <br />But you did! Wow!
That's awesome - I love how you made the skeleton. Very clever!

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