Lets make Stegosaurus!
if you just want to make something just for fun.  Try this one. Its easy and fun. Especially if you like dinosaurs! You can make a stegosaurus if you want bud whit these steps you can make every dinosaur you want!

Step 1: materials

You need the things you see in the picture. before you gone make anything make sure you get some nice inspiration on dinosaurs.
<p>awesome tutorial,can't wait to make one</p>
<p>awseome i made the pachyrhinosaur</p>
<p>i love it, it really helps when you are in the 8th grade THANK YOU!!!!</p>
<p>WOW, you friend have vaporized all my clay problems. i am eternaly gratefull</p>
<p>Dude!!!!!!! I AM SO GONNA TRY THAT OUT!!!!!! IT IS SO COOOL!</p>
How expensive is this?
<p>Wow! I couldn't do any better myself!</p>
This is so neat,I use to use all clay for my models,that became quiet expensive. <br>Not anymore!!
so very cool,nice instructable
Fantastic! When I first saw this I said (out loud! jessyratfink herself can attest): <br />Wha?? Make a Dinosaur? You didn't make this dinosaur. <br />But you did! Wow!
That's awesome - I love how you made the skeleton. Very clever!

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