Step 1: Bill of Materials

Picture of Bill of Materials
As usual with a simple fuel cell the basic list is very simple:

Aluminum foil
Hydrogen Peroxide
Some carbon rod or carbon fiber rod. I used carbon fiber rod from my local hobby store. This stuff is pretty good but must be cut with a hacksaw
A wide mouth jar. As you will see when we get into assembly the aluminum foil lines the inside of the jar. This was a pain with the jar I used. You can use a sode bottle and if you figure out an elegant way to do this please let me know.

A drill and 1/8" drill bit, plus the smallest one you have to make a vent.
A hacksaw for cutting the carbon fiber

A meter is handy for checking voltages.

Okay if we've got all that we're ready to go.
Is that a carbon fiber push rod?
egbertfitzwilly (author)  the gizmoman6 years ago
It's a carbon fiber tube used for building model planes. I have no idea how its used in that context so 'push rod' could easily describe it. It's made by Midwest Products, Inc. and the label just says 'Carbon Fiber'
It's either a push rod(used for linking a servo to an airplane's control surfaces ) or used to strengthen and lighten the plane
to be more specific, balsa is used for the skeleton of the plane, and is occasionally strengthened by hardwood, i am not too sure what exactly that is. but i have never heard of a pushrod being used like that... but i do say that it might not be a bad idea
I've seen balsa pushrods and hard wood is problably oak or plywood