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    Now I'm no fancy schmancy computer graphics whizz, and just managed to make this: (!!!)
    I had to download off the internet (really easily and free) and began playing.Used Movie Maker to stitch it together (remember to save all paintings as JPEG). This is what I made with 8 images. Taken me about an hour and looks rubbish- I'm no perfectionist! But with a bit of time and effort could = very cool!

    pretty cool.........might try

    i personally think that the lines appearing to rotate would add a lot to this project but that's just me

    You could make it flat the -sphereize -the pic for the same effect and it would not be as hard for the less artistic .. It would end up almost the same .........
    It could even be made into a gif file and be sent to your friends,(:-))

    thats a pretty cool effect, I thought at first that you were going to encase a computer into a disco ball, which would be awesome

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    Same here...maybe you should change it to "Mark a Disco Ball on your Computer"