Now I'm no fancy schmancy computer graphics whizz, and just managed to make this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGOEhRPRHoY&amp;feature=youtube_gdata (!!!)<br>I had to download paint.net off the internet (really easily and free) and began playing.Used Movie Maker to stitch it together (remember to save all paintings as JPEG). This is what I made with 8 images. Taken me about an hour and looks rubbish- I'm no perfectionist! But with a bit of time and effort could = very cool!
pretty cool.........might try
but it's not <em>shiny</em><br/>
i personally think that the lines appearing to rotate would add a lot to this project but that's just me
You could make it flat the -sphereize -the pic for the same effect and it would not be as hard for the less artistic .. It would end up almost the same .........<br/>It could even be made into a gif file and be sent to your friends<sub>,(:-))</sub><br/>
thats a pretty cool effect, I thought at first that you were going to encase a computer into a disco ball, which would be awesome
Same here...maybe you should change it to &quot;Mark a Disco Ball <strong>on your</strong> Computer&quot;<br/>
Okay, thanks for the feedback. I changed the title.

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