Make a Domo-Kun Pillow


Introduction: Make a Domo-Kun Pillow

About: I am a freelance model maker and plush designer living in greater London. Visit my blog for more crafty stuff

A cute and easy to make pillow featuring the adorable Domo. This is my first video tutorial so constructive feedback is welcomed :)

Free pattern on my website, where you'll find a new Instructable every Monday!

you will need:
12" Zip
white, red and black thread
Pillow pad (I used a 32cm one)

Brown Velvet or fleece
Black red and white felt



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    Made one : !
    I messed up the teeth a little bit but it was pretty tough (given it was my first attempt with a sewing machine).

    Anyway, GREAT tutorial, it was very instructive and I'm really happy with the result, so thanks !

    ur couch is awesome X3 and awesomeness I made this but I totally forgot about the zipper and sadly used it on somthing else XD he he but besides the fact I had to sew the top it turned out okay XD he he nice idea x3

    bravo! your ideas are so cool!

    Cutest thing ever! I love your couch btw, haha.

    Nice pillow tutorial, but I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOUR COUCH. Did you DIY that, or buy it? Because it's friggin' awesome.

     domo has 4 teeth
    just sayin
    but triple awesome pillow!!!!!
    that pwns!

    Very nice. I prefer your normal instructables but the video does make it easy to view quickly! Very simple to follow and nice out come. Well done, another great Instructable!

    ps. I bought a domo-kun shirt just the other day, maybe it's fate? I'll have to make one then!

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    great minds think alike, plush domo is awhsum!!!!

    I reckon. Maybe you could add in a little mention about your latest video when you say "Now take all the pins out, put them safely away..."

    this is soo cute! if i can get my hands on some scrap fabric, i'm making this! by the way... i'm soo jealous of your sofa! it's awesome!

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    thanks! its actually an ugly 'fothult' sofa from ikea with a nice blanket thrown over. shhh dont tell fothult i said he was ugly 0__0

     Very well done, i prefer the video format to the usual step by step format

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    thanks! it was fun to make, im working on another one for this monday, but simpler and shorter this time :)

    I saw a domo kun gangsta hat. I laughed, and then pined because I have a large head and couldn't buy it. 

     Lovely!  The teeth looked a tad tedious though.  Have you thought about fabric glue?  Also, they have self adhesive felt sheets (about 4 times as expensive), but they eliminate complex sewing of small parts.

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    It takes a bit of time but i think its worth it because it looks better, i also find that gluing layers together either makes the details crunchy/stiff, and bonding agents (the iron-on glue i find works best) is quick but the results aren't as hardwearing as sewing them on :)