Make a Domokun cake

Picture of Make a Domokun cake
We all love Domokun. But wouldn't Domokun be better if we could eat him? And he was made out of chocolate? I agree. Here are instructions on how to make a Domokun cake of your very own.
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Step 1: Get a reference image

Picture of Get a reference image
You need to know what Domokun looks like in order to make a cake version of him/her/it. This was my reference image that I stole off of Google Images. Isn't he a cuddly looking beast?
=SMART=6 years ago

wow, thats probably the most random thing Ill watch today.
What the hell?
Exactly :)
ANTQNUT5 years ago
bai bai domokun! yumm!! :P
D3M0N6 years ago
=SMART=6 years ago
hahah very nice *added to favrouites*
Haha, I was so ready to make this. Then I saw the picture of the plushie and remembered last summer when I was so sleep deprived that I dreamt a domo-kun plushie with razor-sharp teeth was chasing my sister and I around. I woke up scared and amused at the same time, it was the weirdest feeling. But yeah, I'll try to make this cake eventually, it looks good!
domokun pwns!
Vendigroth8 years ago
isn't that a grue?
ARVash8 years ago
This is absolutely AWESOME!! :O. if i make this i'll take piccys :3
kohlious8 years ago
i made this a way easier way... i just baked a cake mix cake in 2 (two) 9x9 pans. i put the first on the top side of a pizza pan (not in the center), cut the second one into three parts, halved it and then cut one half in half lengthwise, if it makes it easier... 50%, 25%, 25%. i put the 50% peice lining up below the other cake and cut a small square in the bottom of it to make the legs. i cut pieces out of the other two parts lengthwise so that the arms had definate shape but the hands were still bulbous. when i iced it you could barely tell it was more than one piece! another thing i did was used the red and white canned squirty-outy iceing for the mouth, later realizing if i used a peice of cardbord i could've made straight lines... whatever... i don't mean to rain on anyone's parade. i just thought i'd let all those other lazy sob's like myself know that there is hope; there is an easier way! : )
zachninme8 years ago
I have never, ever heard of a cake that uses that much boiling water (or even boiling water for that matter) in that stage of the recipie. If you re-check, you are probably s'post to mix the cocoa powder with it, then add it as a wet.
I would also save the baking powder for last, so *hopefully* the mixture will be under 120F (so there is still 1 "act" left)
You could do this with 2 cakes (1 for that matter, if you don't mind a 1 layer cake) by completely cutting out the mouth area, and using that to make the arms and feet."
"-3 7/12 (yes, seven twelfths) cups cocoa powder (I used Hershey's since it's their recipe)" To clarify, and make sure people don't run out to buy 1/12 measuring spoons, you may want to put something like-"2 1/4 for cake, 1 1/3 for frosting) And for the cake, you want un-dutched, or natural cocoa. For the frosting, you want dutched, or European style cocoa.

Thats all. :-)
(Sorry for all the critiqueing. :-()
bigtoe (author)  zachninme8 years ago
I assure you zachninme that the 1 cup of boiling water per sheet cake is accurate. I included the link to Hershey's recipe in step 2. I've never heard of using boiling water for a cake either, especially after mixing the wet and the dry ingredients. I think the extrodinary amount of hot water is supposed to make the cake moist, which it was. It was pretty moist a few days later when I was still trying to finish off the pathetic half of a Domokun. It really works though, so I'm not going to argue. I like the cutting out the mouth idea, but I'm guessing that if you have a one layer cake and try to make arms and feet out of just the mouth you'll end up with tiny arms and legs or one gigantic mouth. You might be right about the dutch/natural cocoa, but I was just following the recipe. You're definitely right about the 3 7/12 cup thing...that's supposed to be intentionally confusing. I think. Hell it confused me when I looked at it right now. Thanks for all the comments everybody, hope you enjoyed the strangeness.
Sorry to be a pain, but are you sure that you aren't supposed to mix the water and cocoa together, then add it? I just remember doing that when following the recipie a while back, so I could be wrong. With the mouth thing, you could probably cut off a rectangle the size of a leg, and cut that in widthwise, so it is just as big, but short. This is still a really cool cake!
0.775volts8 years ago
yes yes, eat him... that is what he gets for all of those kittens...
ha ha ,but its reli ur fault he ate all those kittens lol
i got an idea...
strangest cake i've seen still pretty friggin awesome
PetervG8 years ago
Ahhhhh a Domokun! Run! Oh wait, eat him!
antirem8 years ago
damnit... wish i thought of this first.... cool concept!