Step 13: I cut my teeth on cutting teeth

Picture of I cut my teeth on cutting teeth
Prepare your teeth. I had to cut mine out. You probably will too unless you found white candies that look like teeth. If you did I applaud your awesomeness. You have to find a balance between your cake's body size, your teeth size and the number of teeth you need to make. My reference picture shows Domokun with four teeth on the top and bottom. This would produce a mouth too small on my cake, so I upped his teeth to five on top and on bottom.

Prepare your mouth background (raspberries for me) by cutting them in half if you'd like. I put my teeth on the cake first, then put my raspberries on and then cut raspberries into even smaller pieces to fit between the teeth.

My eyes are round pieces of candy, so they required no preparation, but if yours do, then prepare your eyeballs now and add them to your cake.