Make a Domokun cake


Step 8: I transfered from Mixing Bowl State to Baking Pan University

Time to transfer the contents. You will need to properly divide up your batter into your pans. People with one pan will have the most difficulty here. Do it quickly but get it right. Once the batter is evenly distributed, toss the pans in the oven and set your timer to 30 minutes.

I know the recipe says 35-40, but we're setting it for 30 for two reasons. One, because I say so. Two, because it's better to check early and see if the cake is done. You can't undo baking. Over-baked cake is no good. We want cake that is just barely finished. This way it stays moist. That's the idea anyway.

After the 30 minutes check the middle of the cake with a toothpick or a knife or something similar. If it comes out clean in BOTH cakes then pull them both out. If one needs more time then you can pull the other out, but be sure to set the timer if you are going to come back in two minutes. Otherwise you might forget and end up with a brick instead of fluffy Domokun innards.
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