In this instructable you will learn how to make a Dr. Who TARDIS Hat

Tools Needed:
Laser Cutter
Vinyl Cutter

I made it at TechShop. Check out TechShop here.

Please check out my other instructable (Coming Soon) for information about how to make a TARDIS jacket.

Materials Needed:
Cardboard Tube
Thin Cardboard
Acrylic Tube
White Acrylic
Black Vinyl
TARDIS blue spray paint
TARDIS blue ribbon
Super Glue
A Small Speaker

Step 1: Design

I built my vector files in Corel Draw. You can use any vector program you prefer. These will either be used to run the laser cutter, or as a mask for cutting out the pieces by hand.
<p>This is SUPER cool, but I feel like instruction on the hard part is totally missing. How do you assemble and program an arduino?</p>
that is asome<br>

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