Picture of Make a Dr. Who TARDIS Tea Party Hat
In this instructable you will learn how to make a Dr. Who TARDIS Hat

Tools Needed:
Laser Cutter
Vinyl Cutter

I made it at TechShop. Check out TechShop here.

Please check out my other instructable (Coming Soon) for information about how to make a TARDIS jacket.

Materials Needed:
Cardboard Tube
Thin Cardboard
Acrylic Tube
White Acrylic
Black Vinyl
TARDIS blue spray paint
TARDIS blue ribbon
Super Glue
A Small Speaker
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Step 1: Design

I built my vector files in Corel Draw. You can use any vector program you prefer. These will either be used to run the laser cutter, or as a mask for cutting out the pieces by hand.

Step 2: Prep Materials for Construction

Picture of Prep Materials for Construction
Sandblast the acrylic tube until it looks like the photo. This will give it a frosted glass look. Make sure to sandblast both the inside and outside of the tube. Some plastic suppliers will do this for you, many won't. They also might stock frosted plastic tube.

Cut the flat cardboard using vectors and a laser cutter. Alternately, if you have mad crazy exacto-knife skills, you can cut it out by hand. Once you have all of the pieces cut out, bevel the edges so that they can fit together with the other pieces to make a box easily.

Cut the cardboard Tube using vectors and a rotary attachment for the laser cutter. This one is a little more difficult to do by hand. Try cardstock if you want to cut it by hand, to avoid accidentally cutting yourself when the exacto-knife breaches the cardboard tube.

Cut the vinyl using a CNC vinyl cutter, and the vectors you designed. Alternately, if you have mad crazy exacto-knife skills, you can cut it out by hand.

Transfer the vinyl to the acrylic pieces.
bennettannam11 months ago

This is SUPER cool, but I feel like instruction on the hard part is totally missing. How do you assemble and program an arduino?

that is asome