Introduction: Make a Dremel Bit Holder

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In this instructable I describe how I made a holder for Dremel style tool bits. I have tried a few different types as the introduction image shows, and the one I describe and show here is my favorite.

Step 1: List of Tools and Materials

Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, a rotary tool like a Dremel, Some Dremel style bits, a plastic milk jug.

Step 2: Construction

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Cut three strips of plastic out of an empty milk jug. Make one about an inch wide, and two about 3/4 of an inch wide. All the same length.

Assemble as the image shows. Hot glue the two narrower strips standing up parallel to each other on the wider strip. Then cut slots into the narrower standing up strips to hold your bits.

Step 3: Conclusion

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I have had several Dremel tools with cases and have spent a lot of time trying to use the bit holders that came in the cases. I never got my bits arranged in them in any order that satisfied me. I like my holder much better. For me it is fast, simple, cheap, and easy. I hope someone here likes this too.


DGHarris518 (author)2017-04-16

Have you ever tried those kneeling pads people get for gardening? I use one for my bits and it works pretty good. One thing I like about them is they are "self-healing" foam pads.

pfred2 (author)DGHarris5182017-05-06

That sounds like a good idea. Though the foam might take on moisture here. It is humid in my shop. I am pretty set on the plastic holders I am making now. Because of the density of storage that I can achieve with them. I'm making them even better now. I think I put up an article about some improved ones on this site?

Yeah, here it is

Then I made these too

katala (author)2012-07-01

Silly putty placed in the box or container of your choice, works very well in holding bits in place and making it easy to select them.

Dr Qui (author)2011-02-13

 Plastic container boxs can be picked up for free from most sweet shops / candy stores work just as well,  Just saying.

pfred2 (author)Dr Qui2011-02-13

Do you have an image of what you are talking about because I've no idea.

bad fairie (author)2009-07-18

so much work for something that could be squished easy -- instead try re-purposing styrofoam that comes molded around things -- it's hard, doesn't crush easy and is so easy to modify. the easiest bit holders are a block about 3/4 thick with small holes drilled in to stand the bits up-right. however if you want to have a bit of fun (pardon the pun) lay the bit down, trace around it with a fine sharpy, and carve out what is needed with your rotary power tool. be sure to also carve a channel through from one end to the other on center so you've got finger space.

pfred2 (author)bad fairie2009-07-18

If you looked closely at the first picture you'd see that I've already been there (twice in fact, second row down, left hand compartment, and third row down second compartment), and done that. I actually used nice blue builders foam (holder still sucks). The plastic ones illustrated in this Instructable take maybe 5 easy minutes to make. I have also not experienced any problems with my holders being squishy, or any other durability problems yet. Feel free to make your own Instructable with a foam holder. I'm not planning to any time too soon myself (being as sticking bits in foam sucks) so it's an open field as far as I'm concerned!

bobbyrae (author)2009-06-25

You say "Assemble as the image shows". This kinda leaves me in the dust. I'd like to see some more details as to how things get cut and put together. A photo of the individual pieces BEFORE gluing together could be helpful.

pfred2 (author)bobbyrae2009-06-26

Next time I make one I'll try to take some pictures. Until then it is 3 rectangular strips of plastic, two glued perpendicular to the bottom piece. I have another milk jug project I must complete today. Getting a $400 delivery tomorrow it has to be done before!

stephenniall (author)2009-05-30

OO not a bad idea i rated it 3 for the idea Looks like it could be sanded down on top and put a bit more info on the ible but its good

pfred2 (author)stephenniall2009-05-30

Thank you for saying this is not a bad idea. The reason I posted this here is the idea itself. What other information would you suggest I include?

stephenniall (author)pfred22009-05-31

i think you could possibly add some images of you putting it together and sand it down then it will look alot nicer i have just bought a\ little rotary tool (dremels a pain to transport) and it has a nice box and everthing

pfred2 (author)stephenniall2009-05-31

I put it together long ago. I guess I could make another one to hold some mounted wheels, I have a bunch of them in a compartment in another box. I just posted this here because Dremel style tools seem so popular with people who frequent this site. That, and I've spent a lot of time trying to put cutters into Dremel boxes.<br/><br/>Here is one neat portable rotary tool I have:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br/><br/>I took that dumb plastic rest off the front of it. I mainly use it with a 3" cut off disc. It has 1/8" and 1/4" collets. No box though. I have lots of tool boxes, both full and empty.<br/><br/>Here let me post a picture of one of my rotary tool boxes. I guess I could use another tool holder.<br/>

stephenniall (author)pfred22009-06-01

Aww i am actually now jealous that looks like a very handy piece of equipment

pfred2 (author)stephenniall2009-06-01

I got tired of breaking out that box and running my air compressor every time I wanted to use a cut off disc. So now I just leave that other tool on a side bench.

stephenniall (author)pfred22009-06-02

Same ehre most of my tools are left on the workbench lol

pfred2 (author)stephenniall2009-06-02

Not me. I can't even get half of my tools in one picture! I keep most of my tools in boxes under benches, or in a cabinet, or in a couple of roller boxes. Some other guy on this site said all he saw in a picture I posted of my shop was junk. Then I posted another angle and never heard from him again.

My Vise Grip collection alone is likely worth more than all they have.

stephenniall (author)pfred22009-06-03

Omg my feelings have now gone to hate .. im jealous of your workshop I only have a shed and a small metal outdoor workshop my dads currently building i wish i had space for a lathe and stuff ..

pfred2 (author)stephenniall2009-06-03

I can see from your last post that you already possess the most important ingredient when you said, "I wish ..." What drives us is our dreams. Good luck chasing yours.

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