Make a Dremel with Custom Removable Attachments!

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Hello Everyone,
This is my biggest Instructable so far! I have been designing this for about two months, and have really enjoyed making it. It is a drill/dremel that has custom removable attachments!! The dremel even has an easy battery compartment access door for easy battery change!! I made this because I don't have access to any power tools, so I decided to make my own. Even though I made this at home, it is still quite powerful. Some of the attachments  made are 2 types of cutting wheels, a polisher, and a sanding wheel. I will show you how to make the dremel and all of those attachments in this Instructable!! I made this for everyone who wants a dremel but doesn't have one. The best part is I made this from junk I had around the house.
This is also an entry for the Make to Learn Contest! 

What I made:
I made a drill/dremel/rotary tool and some removable attachments to make it much more useful. It works with a simple circuit with a switch and a motor which is powered by a 9 volt battery. As you may have seen in some of my previous Instructables  I don't buy the materials I use in my projects! That is why absolutely all the materials in this project are from scratch. For the dremel itself, I used a motor from an old toy car, a switch from the same car, a broken broom handle, a medicine bottle, a screw driver, some spare wire, hot glue, a dead 9 volt battery (I used the dead 9 volt battery to make a 9 volt battery clip for my dremel), and a live 9 volt battery. For my attachments, I used small screws,  pencil eraser, a screw driver, bottle caps, tin can lids, the plastic lid to a cool-whip container, scissors, a hammer, hot glue, and super glue.

How Did I Make It:
My idea for the project came to me when I was watching a TV show about a woodworking shop. The guy on the show was using a dremel, and that was when this mammoth idea hit me! I worked on this project completely on my own. My plans and designs for this project changed so many times I cannot count them. My first design was simple, but the battery was sealed into place. I realized that I would not be able to change the battery, so I changed my design and decided to use a medicine bottle as a battery compartment and attached that to the main part of the dremel. My plans also changed when I began building. While building, I broke three switches!! My last switch (the one shown in this Instructable is my last switch. It  was much bigger and hard to work with. I had to put the switch at an angle just to fit it in the main part of the dremel.  However, by incorporating the switch in an angle, I made the design much safer by making sure the user's hand won't slip! 

Where Did You Make It: 
This project was made entirely in my room! This project connects to my life because I am an avid Maker, and I love to build things! This dremel allows me to build many more things  and improve the quality of my projects. I am proud to say that this is the most useful and best thing I have built so far! 

What Did I Learn: 
I learned so much from this project! First off, I learned some basic electronics while building the circuit for my dremel. Some of my best learning experiences from this project came from the challenges. While building this dremel, I finished it, but for some reason, the dremel wouldn't power up. I had to start all over from there! My BIGGEST challenge was when I was building my dremel the second time. While attempting to place the switch in my dremel, I broke the switch. I did this two more times, leaving me with my last big switch that I did not intend to use! However, the final dremel came out even better with this switch. From this experience, I learned that every dream has obstacles, and the trick is to keep on trying no matter how much these obstacles test your patience! I am proud of many things in this project. I am proud that I was able to design this dremel on my own! I also proud of my designs for the attachments. I am very proud of my use of the medicine bottle as a removable battery compartment. Most of all, I am proud that I was able to build this on my own and that it didn't stay as a drawing in my notebook. If I could make this again, I would attempt to find a way to use power tools to make this project. This way, the final result would be much cleaner and neater. Next time, I might also add an extra safety switch to my dremel, as well as a power LED to indicate whether the dremel is on or not.

Let's begin making my drill/dremel with custom attachments!
Don't forget to vote everyone, and please leave comments too!

Note: Quite a few of these pictures are low quality. This is because I took all the pictures with my mom's old (really old) camera. My camera is currently being fixed! Thanks for bearing with me!

You can also check out my video of the dremel in action along with all of its attachments at this link:

Or you can watch it right here on!

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Kill5treak21 days ago
How would i acquire a switch as the one you have yourself, if I do not have a remote controlled car laying around?

Awesome instructable. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Verticees (author)  Master Wasi 474 months ago

Glad you liked it!

How did you make the bits?

Verticees (author)  jkristensen110 months ago

It's all shown in the instructable!

rachel79891 year ago
nice instructible
Verticees (author)  rachel79891 year ago

thank you!

ASCAS1 year ago
Brilliant! I'll be making one right away! :D
jeasterl1 year ago
brilliant for light work some suggestions
1 make a 'battery pack' use AA or AAA batteries the 9 volt provides only a couple hundred milliamps a AA can provide a lot more so you can sand harder before the motor stalls
cutting disks after shaping them into a circle carefully sand the edge perpendicular (hold the disk vertical and wipe the edge on coarse sandpaper) this will make crude teeth to cut the material
this tool looks ok for light work always wear protection for your eyes if a tool gets away or breaks eyes are much easier to cut then the stuff you are working on
have fun with your makeing
Verticees (author)  jeasterl1 year ago
Thanks for the ideas! I will be sure to use them!
EamonMakes1 year ago
you really should have soldered the wires together (instead of the hot glue) for a better connection.
Verticees (author)  EamonMakes1 year ago
You are absolutely right. I would have done that, but I didn't get a soldering iron until 3 months later!
EberhNic1 year ago
This is awesome! I am going to make one soon! The safety switch idea is awesome!
Great Work Man!
Verticees (author)  EberhNic1 year ago
Thanks! PM me if you need any help!
EberhNic1 year ago
Just wondering... is your broom handle 1 inch in diameter or length? Please respond I want to make my own. =D
Verticees (author)  EberhNic1 year ago
Yes, the handle is approximately 1 inch in diameter. This measurement is not too important, as long as it is near 1 inch.
Nice i made mine about year ago you can see it at my profile and last week i made an AWESOME one it is more powerful and it can be used as a drill with 3 bits i have it is even more power full than yours :D and really nice 'able
here is the link to my old one

my new one using the same motor in the old one
Verticees (author)  Mahmoud Alaa1 year ago
Hey there! I don't actually know if yours is faster, considering that it only runs on six volts, but then again, I may be wrong. Your older drill looks shockingly like the mini sander I made:
(what a coincidence, considering I had never seen your design! Then again, great minds think alike!). However, your certainly looks better than mine!

I'm glad you used my design for your main (new) dremel! The power supply box was a great addition, although it may not make it as portable! So glad you enjoyed my 'ible!
Verticees (author)  Verticees1 year ago
When I said I wasn't sure if your drill was faster, I was referring to your older drill, not the newer one.
mm thanks for reply,,,and my motor is 6v but i run it on 12 :D so it goes crazy try it and i made some changes in your design like i didn't need a container for the battery
Verticees (author)  Mahmoud Alaa1 year ago
You should try using a 3v motor instead of a 6v, so it will go even faster! If you do , you may want to think about using some other components (resistor) to prevent a possible voltage overflow and damaging the motor.
but if i used 3v probably i wont get this massive power
Nate2301 year ago
Great tool and cheaper than a retail dremel
Verticees (author)  Nate2301 year ago
Thanks a lot! It may not be as effective as the name brand, but it definitely gets the job done!
im gonna make this as soon as my exams are over, GREAT 'ible
Verticees (author)  ViperSniper1 year ago
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!
topeaka121 year ago
This project is super cool! I really like inventing and making stuff, but I'm not very good at it. I decided to try something like this and see if I can make it. I am going to make it in a little bit, and see what I can do. Thanks for sharing the design!
Verticees (author)  topeaka121 year ago
Good luck! I am not an expert maker either, but I still love building!
Slay.1 year ago
SWEET! I have all these materials ('cept maybe the battery clip), and i even have the same hot glue gun! epic job!
Verticees (author)  Slay.1 year ago
Cool! You can make your own battery clip using a dead nine volt battery (that's what I did)!
Very awesome work. I may have to try my hand at making one of these.
Verticees (author)  palmerlarryray1 year ago
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!
k2iran1 year ago
this project is OutStanding!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gj
Verticees (author)  k2iran1 year ago
dsirotic1 year ago
I was looking for ideas like this for so long! I voted for you and favourited you! keep the good job going!
Verticees (author)  dsirotic1 year ago
Thanks! I'm glad I helped!
pfred21 year ago
I think what you made there would more accurately be called a rotary tool rather than a Dremel. My Dremel brand rotary tool is broken down at the moment. The coupling inside of it is shredded. I can't believe they even made the hunk of junk how they did. It isn't the first Dremel that has broken on me either. I hope they may make the newer ones a bit sturdier today. I have some other tools now I like more:
Verticees (author)  pfred21 year ago
hey there! I had a very hard time trying to name my creation! At first it was a drill, now its a dremel, but rotary tool may be more appropriate! Thanks!
I think Dremel calls them rotary moto-tools, but the generic term is simply rotary tool. Larger ones are called die grinders I suppose because they are often used grinding dies. Purpose made cut off tools are called, Whizzers too. Perhaps because the sound that they make cutting through things sounds like the name?
Verticees (author)  pfred21 year ago
I think I may keep the name as dremel simply because it is more recognizable by everybody! Thanks for the extra knowledge!
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