Step 6: Done!

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You can fuss with it a bit at this point, tucking and tugging the fabric into place. If you need to, you can use a couple stitches to tack down folds.

But really, you're finished. Congratulations! Go enjoy your dress. Or go ahead and make another one.
heartart3 years ago
Love this. My daughter is starting to sew and this is perfect for her. Yawl are about the same age. Plus, she loves strapless dresses. I bet you could do a LOT with a sewing machine, so make a couple of these, sell them to your friends and go get you a sewing machine at Wal mart or other local store!! You will LOVE doing buttonholes with the Brother machine. It is literally a ONE STEP buttonhole!! I was afraid of them until I got my newer machine and now I have buttons on everything. The day I learned I did 14 buttonholes. hahahah Great instructable!!
sheinonen3 years ago
Wicked cute and resourceful. Next trip to the thrift store I'm getting an over sized shirt to try his out!
pyromonkey3 years ago
Very cute. In my case I need to get a shirt in a 5xl so I can get the right length :P
Cannot wait to take my fiance's shirts and make them into dresses haha
 supercute!! i will definitely be going to the thrift store soon! i was thinking about maybe making a band out of the sleeves to go around the waist and add a bow on the side in the front for an extra detail!
shoster5 years ago
Very cute!!! No reason you couldn't use the left overs from the arms or som ribbon to make cute straps too! I might do that with som old shirts for my daughters, they are little yet so straps would be more "appropriate"!!! Thanks for the fabulous idea!!!
mb_hatter5 years ago
This is so very cute and I cant wait to try it out. Thanks for adding!
sewshesaid5 years ago
Very clever idea. Love it when folks come up w/ ideas to upcycle old items. Congrats. Cant wait to see your next creation. Darlene
This is the cleverest & cutest thing I've seen in a long time! You are such a clever girl & I hope you win. I've been an artist & crafter for nearly 50yrs & sewing since age 5 & this is one of the best ideas I've seen!!! Kudos!!
BrindaMS5 years ago
aussome! looks very chic!
RoyalPayne5 years ago
Wonderful. I can see the possibilities, especially with a little time spend with a sewing machine. What a wonderful, green, cheap way to reuse something, and stand out while doing it.
suqzi5 years ago
omg, I love the red plaid dress!!
Thanks for a great instructable. Will definitely be implementing this!
what a wonderful idea! i can't wait to try this one out!!
sumrandom15 years ago
very cool, i have a whole bunch of shirts that i dont wear anymore and a few of them are Hawaiian, i will definitely make some of these dresses for my GF, that is if she is willing to wear my creations, and you should invest in a sewing machine, i got a portable one off craigslist for $30, n so far it has lasted me for two halloweens and like 20 hoodies that i made, n yes button holes are very easy with a machine, thanks for sharing its very creative yet simple, just the way life is
Shazzam.tky5 years ago
Very nice, I never would have thought about it like that. Then again, I'm a guy....