You can make a decorative hairpin VERY cheaply with items you already have at home. (If you don't have any straws, a quick trip through the nearest drive-through can remedy that!)

As requested by MANY comments, the last step is a video to explain it a little clearer!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

You will need:

•2 plastic drinking straws
•a bobby pin
No video
Im really confused! :( but its a great instructable :)
it is a wonderful art.all girls like it. wowwwwwwwwwww.................................................. wat a mindblowing attractive art
it took me 2 tries but i got it im makin sum for my gf whi hope soon to be my fiance
aww thats sweet
Just made one now! - they are so easy to make and look great. Love this instructable!
it so great. I really love it. :)
I love this!! So simple with the video and comes out so cute! I also folded in an extra piece cause I didnt want the cut part to show from the front. Looks great with the dunkin donuts straws. =)
I just made this. It's so easy and adorable! Excellent instructions- the pictures really helped.
wooo! thnx for the vid i just finished two! woo!
No problem!!! Glad it helped you out!
yay! easy christmas gifts!
You're right!! They make cute decorations for the packages as well!!
I am so confused on how to finish it off. Do you have a video of this or anything? jw :) very awesome instructable even though I'm not smart enough to do it haha
I made a video as requested... Check out the last step!
What does the box inside say?<br>
Are you referring to my work surface? My crafting area is carpeted, :( so I was using a Rocketdog shoebox to work on...
I think he means in the picture for the 2nd to last step. There is a comment box in the middle, but when you mouse over it to see the comment on this step it is overridden by the larger box around the whole thing. :)<br><br>Also, I am a little stuck on that step too, but overall great 'ible!<br><br><br>-edit- I am referencing the pictures for Step 3
AHHHH! Okay, thanks for the clarification! It's simply outlining the cross-section that you're supposed to slip the longer straw end under.
Very interesting! I'm inspired to go visit BK some time soon now! :D
Not sure if you've got any 7-11's or Zaxby's in your area, but 7-11's have great colored straws and Zaxby's has neat darkish blue colored straws.
do they have to be the same coller or size of stra
Color doesn't matter, but they do need to be the same size in diameter and length.
step 8 is really confusing
I made a video as requested... Check out the last step!
I finished step 7 but now i'm stuck, can anyone help me pleeease?
I made a video as requested... Check out the last step!
I made one from two bendy straws from around the house (lime green and pink) , and they're super cute! Thanks for the 'Ible!
I've never tried bendy straws. Does the bendy part flatten out ok or does it look a little wonky?
I used bendy straws and I'm stuck on step 8 but if you cut the bendy part off its still long enough as far as I can see
This is SO cool &amp; cheap to make! My daughter &amp; her friends will love wearing these.
so does my sister <br>
Thanks!! My younger cousin is 10 and absolutely LOVES the ones I made for her!
Love it! Took me about 5 minutes to make it, great Instructable!! :)
i get messed up after step 7, can you explain it in more detail. i cant get the point
This is a great instructable, although step 8 where a little confusing, but i managed to complete it after some time.
thank you for sharing such a wonderful original creation.
Sweet Idea. Thanks :)
Well, this is certainly creative!
Thanks!! I'd like to think all my projects are... But it's probably just me! ;)
Gorgeous!!! perfect present idea!!
Thanks! I use them all the time for nice little 'thank you' gifts. They also work well for a re-purposed bow on a wrapped gift!
Very cute.
did this, worked great! thanks a ton
Glad you liked it!!!!
you're awesome! thks for this! now i finally have a small gift to give my cousin :)
No prob!
I actually connected a lot of little hearts and made a cute headband out of these, the hard u-shaped kind.

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