Step 6: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Now fix your hair up nice (at least nicer than mine) and find a nice straw-coordinating outfit!

(The second photo is one made from two of the pink straws that McDonald's has to celebrate their new berry smoothies... Oh, and Dunkin' Donuts also has cute orange straws with pink stripes!!)
5STARGBLOOD4 years ago
it took me 2 tries but i got it im makin sum for my gf whi hope soon to be my fiance
aww thats sweet
I just made this. It's so easy and adorable! Excellent instructions- the pictures really helped.
carpfluff4 years ago
yay! easy christmas gifts!
ashaloo (author)  carpfluff4 years ago
You're right!! They make cute decorations for the packages as well!!
beccawee5 years ago
This is SO cool & cheap to make! My daughter & her friends will love wearing these.
so does my sister
ashaloo (author)  beccawee5 years ago
Thanks!! My younger cousin is 10 and absolutely LOVES the ones I made for her!
Shiv-alry5 years ago
Awesome! Gonna make one for my friend!
ashaloo (author)  Shiv-alry5 years ago
Your friend should love you because you're cool...and green[ish...depending on whether you use new straws or old ones, LOL!]
Sherlock695 years ago
Sweet Idea!!!
ashaloo (author)  Sherlock695 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial! Just made it and it looks awesome.
ashaloo (author)  DarkShadowJasz5 years ago
AWESOME! Glad you like it!
Thank you for putting this on! I can't wait to make it.
ashaloo (author)  momonkey19975 years ago
No problem!! You should take a photo of your finished product for me!!