Picture of Make a Duct Tape money Pouch
How to create a functional and stylish pouch for money and other items out of nothing more than duct tape

Step 1: Choose your Duct Tape

Picture of Choose your Duct Tape
For the first step you need to decide what color(s) and type of duct tape you want to make your money pouch in. Duct Tape comes in many different colors and in varying thicknesses. For something like this I suggest using a lightweight thin duct tape, such as a generic brand or Duck brand tape. It should take only part of a roll or one small roll.
dude, neither of these links have to do with a duct tape pouch, both of them were duct tape wallets, but yes, duct tape creations have been going on for god knows when, so dont just bag on someone cuz their showing their own creation to the world
Haha sorry about my post I was 13 and.... yeah I was 13 hahaha.
chaderoo26 years ago
Better than buying a 20 dollor wallet with holes.
roxymojo7 years ago
ignore the negativity. it's a great deviation from the standard wallet idea, so it's cool. My friends and i are always making stuff out of duct tape, alumninum foil, and cardboard. four of us once took all day to each make our own outfits and then wore them to the IHOP Restaurant that night! this is cheesy, but you could even incorporate your money pouch idea into a type of pouch that you slide onto a belt--like if you were making a gi joe or star wars commando outfit. they are always wearing those belts with pouches on them. hehe.
badgerwoman9 years ago
I've never heard of duct tape wallets and think they look great; thanks for sharing the idea.
meddler9 years ago
One persons idea might be boring for some and a good idea to others. If someone new to this site sees sarcastic remarks people get after something is posted they might decide to keep some really good ideas to them selves. Which is against the whole reason this site came about.
TomDG (author) 9 years ago
I know that, just wanted to contribute my design
austin9 years ago
duct tape wallets are nothing new .
i was being sarcastic