Today I will be teaching you how to turn an esp8266 into a WeMo in just a few simple steps!

Step 1: Parts

Well, For this project, the parts are pretty obvious...

ESP8266 Dev Board

Mico USB Cable

SmartHome Device (I used an Amazon Echo)

Bread Board (optional)

Step 2: Code

This is where all the important stuff... Gets really important.

Please download these libraries for the .ino file to work.


fuaxmoesp.zip is the library!

fuaxmoESP.zip is the Arduino project!

Picture = fuaxmoESP.zip

Step 3: Program the WiFi

1) Locate credentials.h in fauxmoESP.ino

2) Replace the ###'s with your SSID and Password

Note! SSID and Password are CasEseNsiTive!

3) Save fauxmoESP.ino and upload to board

Step 4: Questions? Comments?

I hope that this guide was enough to help set up your new "ESP-Mo" (esp8266-wemo)!

If you have any questions or comments please ask them!

<p>Hiya, I get an error compiling...</p><p>AsyncPrinter.cpp:151:34: error: 'class cbuf' has no member named 'available'</p><p> size_t available = _tx_buffer-&gt;available();</p><p>Any help or advice would be welcome, thanks</p>

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