Lamps are expensive. And I like my lamps in pairs so the price of fancy lamps doubles fast. The only thing more common than an expensive lamp is an expensive ugly lamp. I solved that problem by making this cheap lamp that is easy on the eyes.

I created the pattern from scratch. Through trial and error, I've come up with a classic shape that you can interpret however you like.

It is easy to sew, easy to assemble, shouldn't set you back more than $20 and is super versatile. Just think of the possibilities. You could use felt, or upholstery fabric or embroider each of the panels before sewing them together.

You can see my Etsy listing here

Step 1: What You Will Need:


1. Fabric - 1/2 yard will be plenty
2. Fusible Interfacing - Optional. If you use a heavy fabric you don't need this. I used a thin cotton.
3. Matching Thread
4. Polyfill
5. Lampshade (not pictured)
6. Light bulb (not pictured)
7. (1) Fence Post Cap - This will be the base of the lamp.
8. (1) All Thread Lamp Pipe Kit , 12" - This kit will include the 2 washers and 2 nuts you will need.
9. (1) 8' Lamp Cord Set
10. (1) Lighting Fixture Socket
11. (4) Adhesive Feet - For base of lamp to allow for cord clearance


1. Pattern, which you can download here
2. Sewing Machine or Needle
3. Straight Pins
4. Scissors
5. Screwdriver
6. Wrench
7. Iron (not pictured)
8. Ironing Board (not pictured)

This is an AMAZING idea and well done instructables!...VERY creative <br>Thank you!
really cool project! this is a much better (and safer) way to incorporate all those fun fabrics into my life instead of just putting them on top of the lamp shade. You have just saved me from burning down my house!
Oh wow, this is great. I can't wait to make one, where do you learn to make the drafts (i think that's what they're called?) for stuff like that? +1 & favorited!
Such an amazing project. I can't wait to find a fun and funky fabric to make some lights for my bedside.
Just love this. I'm a stitcher myself and am constantly surrounded by gorgeous fabrics and questions on how to use them. This is a fantastic solution, and versatile!
This is one of the COOLEST projects I have ever seen. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm feeling as optimistic as possible (I am the Anticraft)! Thanks so much for posting this instructable pitterpattern!
I love this instructable! I will be bookmarking this to try in the future for sure!
I must say that this was a great project. I was needing a lamp and I was able to easily follow the instructions with no difficulty. My lamp looks great!
I love green color and shape of the lamp!!!It is very understandable to follow these guidances with photos.
If you'd like your project included in the Sew Useful Contest, be sure to add a link to your lamp's Etsy page.
What a creative and unique project! Thank you so much for the easy to follow tutorial with so many good photos. I can't wait to have a cool lamp like this in my home.

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