Picture of Make a Fairy Wand!
Sometimes you just have to make something magical. I felt the need to make my niece something magical what better than her own magic wand!

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

Picture of Supplies and Tools
Polymer Clay [I used 1 block Premo! Pearl Pink and 1 half block Fimo Effect Glitter in white]
Bits and baubles. I have some little pink flowers in my scrapbook box along with my rhinestone.
Craft stick

Craft Knife
Cookie Cutter in a shape of your choosing, I got my small star from Hobby Lobby for $ .99 [A very important note, Anything you use for clay cannot be used for food.]
Pasta machine or Acrylic roller
Craft knife

ChrysN3 years ago
So pretty! Your niece must have loved it.
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
its a beauty hehe
ATatteredCanvas (author)  sabu.dawdy2 years ago
Thank you!
Its Beautiful, I love it might have to make one my self and go hunt some fairies, :) x
ATatteredCanvas (author) 3 years ago
She Absolutely Adores it! I'll try get picture of her with it to share!