For Maker Faire Detroit 2011, I displayed a hack I made to a FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony. My fellow LVL1 Hackers and I had taken control of the motor control system of the toy and added a flame thrower to it.  It seemed to go over really well with the crowd, so I am putting up the information for anyone to make there own.  It was a blast to make and I hope everyone has as much fun remaking it.  Just remember that this project uses Fire and should only be built and operated by no less then 2 adults with appropriate experience in fire safety and proper fire safety equipment on hand. 

Step 1: Get It Before You Hack It

At one time, Butterscotch and S'more ponies both sold for around $300, but they seem to be discontinued.  I would  never suggest someone pay this much for something new, just to make it better. Thankfully, there is a fairly steady stream of them showing up on Craigslist and second hand stores.

I purchased my first Butterscotch off of Craigslist for $20.  I have since picked up a second one for $25 from a peddlers mall.   I commonly see them listed for ~$100, but with a little negotiation and/or patience you should be able to pick one up for dirt cheap.
I made a flame-throwing staff a while back, and a really simple mechanism to activate the fuel source was found inside of one of those timed air fresheners found in a restroom. They're made to let off a burst from a little aerosol can, so I bypassed the timing circuits, and manually activated it with discreet momentary-on switches on the handle, one for the can of Zippo and one for a similar BBQ igniter. Nice work!
<p>I'm working on this. I'm at the coding point. It appears with the latest version of the Arduino IDE (1.6.6), a few changes will be needed to Wiichuck.h . I'll post more if I get it working.</p>
Aw man, I could have gone to the maker Fair in Detroit, since it's not too far away! <br>Ha, just imagine how much fun all the Bronies would have with this!
Looks like this pony, got 20% cooler.
i felt like I was reading cupcakes all over again when i looked at the pictures. I honestly believed that I was in the basement of Sugar Cube Corner. <br> <br>also, <br>10 seconds flat! <br>fluttershy is a tree! <br>spike is a pony! <br>scootaloo is a chicken! <br> <br>Good to see a fellow brony on Instructables. XD
Yeah, it reminds me of the robot/cyborg ponies in the fanfictions and fan-made videos, like Fallout: Equestria and My Little Portal.
Bro-hoof /) <br>BTW, who's your fav pony (mines Rarity)?
/)*(\<br> -=-=-= brohoof accepted =-=-=-<br> <br> Pinkie Pie is my favorite. Rainbow dash is a very close second. RD used to be my favorite pony, but I converted to PP because she is just so awesome and hilarious.<br> <br> p.s. have you seen the season 2 finale yet?<br> <br>
Hay yeah! <br>This Day Aria is best song ever!
yeah.<br> &quot;Shining Armour will be... MINE! all mine.&quot;<br> <br> i REALLY liked <em>BBBFF</em> and<em> Love Is In Bloom</em><br> <br> &quot;My big brother, best friend for-ever!&quot;<br> &quot;Love is in bloom. A beautiful bride, a handsom groom...&quot;<br> <br> good to see another brony outside of 4chan, EQ Daily, Ponychan, etc...<br>
How about a mode where it goes from an adorkable purple pony to a flaming Ponyta?
I just want to loop the part of the video, &quot;Hey, we just got back from the Detroit Maker Fair, and... this is a Fire Breathing Pony.&quot;
Did you use the single AA battery or did you have to up the voltage to the ignitor?
if you put the skin back on it will be a really super scary &quot;kids toy&quot;
YES! do it! do it now!
HAHAH!!!! this thing is friggin fantastic, man. i love it. did you happen to see an episode of Robot Chicken where they did some &quot;My Little Pony&quot; ponies as the horses for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? this reminds me, somewhat, of what they did. but yours is EXPONENTIALLY cooler since it's bigger, motorized and, oh yeah, BREATHES FREAKIN FIRE!!! :)<br><br>keep this good stuff comin LVL1 homies.<br><br>av
FOR PONY!!!!<br><br>Richard from &quot;Looking for Group&quot; would love it!
It was so good to see this at detroit maker fair. Glad to see it here!<br />But i've come up with a better name:<br />"My Little Pwny"
ha! that name is perfect!
Now for the next project. Perhaps a fire breathing reindeer? Hmm......
i think such a demonic animal also existed in greek mythology. if you give this a dull metal paint job and add a small red horsehair plume to the horses head it will look the part. good job.<br><br>PS- this is also good for scaring away people at halloween
I actually did have her out on Halloween. Fire breathing pony in the yard and candy shooting pumpkin in the door way.
Remind me to come in full battle armor with a fire blanket when i visit on Halloween.
I want to ride this!
One step at a time .... but I am working on it.
Hey guys, I know a lot of us at i3Detroit loved the fire breathing pony and had a good time hanging out at the party. Hope to see you back at Maker Faire Detroit next year and remember our workshop is your workshop!
We will definitely be back next year and we look forward to getting back to i3Detroit. Likewise, LVL1 is always open to guest..
Fire breathing pony? Hmmmm.<br>It would have been allot more funny if you had motorized the tail to lift up and over then had the fire come out that end instead.
The tail is motorized but with the current code I can turn it on but not turn it off. I hope to have an update to the code in a few days. After that I will start to work on shooting glitter out of the back end.
This is when Bronies actually achieve some sort of CREATIVITY and become EPIC BRONIES!
Awesome. nuff said
Considering the season perhaps you could transform the pony into a reindeer. A flame throwing Rudolph would be pretty cool.
I was at the maker faire!! That pony was one of the coolest and funniest things there, hands down. We're naming my school's battlebot Buttercup after it. Thanks for the cool Instructible!
My Little Pony: Fire is Magic? possibly, I must make one
that guy in the vid is wearing the utilikilt. awesome<br> the pony is awesome as well.
There are two people in the video with utilikilts. To help sort out the people in the video one of the members of LVL1 made this nice Venn diagram.
A fire breathing pony is awesome and so is this Venn diagram!
the true crazy horse!!!!!!
This reminds me of one of the Four Horseman's rides - awesome job!
Beautiful!<br><br>One question though: When will the unicorn horn that fires lasers be added? Just a dot or projected grid... would add to the feeling of impending doom that objects must feel just before ignition...<br><br>Laser or no laser, when you start your world takeover and need minions: I'm there dude.<br><br>Mike
Way cool. Who wouldn't want a fire-breathing pony? Add this bad boy to your stable and never worry about coyotes again!
The pony minus skin is seriously creepy. It kinda reminds me of the Terminator after he gets his flesh burned off but just keeps going. <br> <br>Why firebreathing isn't just a standard feature of the pony out of the box I can't understand... <br>
I agree, there is a need in the market for fire breathing ponies. Hasbro needs to take notice. <br><br>It was the video for Daft Punk Technologic that inspired me to start taking the skin off of animatronics thing. I wanted to know if they are all that creepy.
Awesome! My niece would love that for Christmas hahahaha
It was awesome in Detroit, and it's awesome on video. Best pony project I've seen.
love love
Ok its is creeping me out lol. Nice job man!
it is like im 7 again and wishing for a pony, only this time, i want one EXACTLY like this.

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