Make a FireProof Glove





Introduction: Make a FireProof Glove

An Awesome Way To Show You How Does a Fireproof Glove Works. I Show You How To Make One With Less Then 1 Bucks. If You Get Trap In Fire, You Could Use This To Remove Any Hot Items Without Hurt.

1. You will need to put on a cotton glove
2. put you hand in water to get it wet
3. Put on another plastic glove on it (use to prevent water dry out when burning)
4. put on the 3rd layer of cotton glove on it.

Let's see my video to know the effect.



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    I found a way to fireproof them with a homemade solution... It lasts even longer but good vid.

    make a fireproof mask

    i wish there was some way of making a suit like this

    does 95% cotton and 5%spandex gloves work?

     so basically if you wanna have two fire hands youll need 6 gloves?

    yeah, two cotton one plastic, make a cotton glove sandwich, with a plastic glove filling

    I tried this, it worked well! Got a little carried away with it though
    now I have to go bury my cat.
    NOTE: do NOT try to pet your cat when your glove is on fire :P

    jk awesome instructable