Picture of Make a Flag Football Belt
All this spring rain is turning things pretty muddy around here, which means it's the perfect time to play flag football!  We need some belts and tear-away flags, so I got to work.  Here's what you'll need for each belt:

  • 1" wide nylon webbing (enough to go around your waist, plus about a foot extra)
  • Two 1" D-rings
  • One foot of sew-on velcro
  • 12" x 30" rectangle of Ripstop Nylon (this is enough for 3 flags)
  • Thread
These were made on the basic sewing machines at TechShop Menlo Park.

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Step 1: Make Belt

Picture of Make Belt
Wrap webbing around Drings.jpg
Stitch webbing.jpg
This belt will fasten with D-rings, which makes it easy and adjustable.  You'll need to cut your webbing to about 12" longer than your waist measurement.  If the belt will need to fit a variety of people, you may want to use a large waist measurement as your standard.  I wanted my belt to fit lots of people, so I made my it to fit a 42" waisted person, which means I cut it 54" long.  

Pass one end of the webbing through both D-rings and fold it back over itself.  You'll want about about 1 1/2" to 2" of overlap.  Sew through both layers to secure the D-rings.  I've sewn a rectangle, then sewn an X inside said rectangle.  This method of stitching is very sturdy.  

Step 2: Cut Flags

Picture of Cut Flags
Cut end off Flag.jpg
Now you'll want to cut your flags.  I've used ripstop nylon for the flags, as this fabric won't fray or tear when yanked off by an opposing team member.  

Cut 4" by 30" inch strips for each flag.  Then cut a 4" long chunk off of one end of each flag.   Now you've got three 4" by 24" strips and three 4" by 4" squares.  The longer pieces will become your flags, and the small squares will become the adjustable sliding loops that the flags will attach to.  
Oh gosh, the memories!