Step 11: Go Camping!

Picture of Go Camping!
Turn flashlight on (or off) by sticking your finger through the hole in the plexiglas disc portion of the case's top and pushing on the flashlight's lens. This forces the pushbutton switch on the flashlight's tailcap against the closed end of the case's midsection, actuating the switch.

The flashlight can be used three ways -- (1) in hand, like a flashlight without a case, (2) handsfree, propped at a useful angle upon its own top, and (3) hanging from any hook to light an area from above.

Because the case is roomy enough to hold more than the flashlight and batteries, it can also be used to carry a basic survival kit.  At a minimum, I recommend storing a skein of paracord in each compartment to keep the flashlight and batteries from rattling against the case's sides.

Total project cost is under $15.00 if super glue is the only adhesive used and all materials, flashlight, adhesive, and elastic must be purchased. A 4 ounce can of ABS cement generally costs around $4.50, a liter (lifetime supply) of MEK will run you about $10.00. Both are hardware store items. Weld-On #3 can be found at various online vendors, such as for about $6.00 per 4 ounces. I had several of the necessary materials and adhesives already around the house, so my final cost was $8.00.

Hope you find this device useful. Thanks for looking!
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