Make a Flashlight With an Old Electronic Cigarette





Introduction: Make a Flashlight With an Old Electronic Cigarette

How to make a Flashlight with an old electronic Cigarette, only with an eCig with battery done, an atomizer dead or alive, and a LED 3,2 3,5V.

Step 1: Select Product and Clean.

Clean the atomizer with water for delete all traces of eCig liquid.

Dry it before the next step.

Step 2: Disassemble the Atomizer

unscrew the 3 parts of atomizer.

put the part with wicks in your trash.

Step 3: Assemble LED and Atomizer

Put the LED in the metal part of the atomizer

For this, put the LED wide leg in the small central hole, cut the second LED leg, and do a spring whit it.

Step 4: Reassemble Atomizer With the LED

Screw the big plastic part with the new part (metal part + LED)

Step 5: Your Flashlight Is Done!

Now you just screw the battery and use the default button on your battery, for turn on your flashlight!



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    If you know the history about ecigarettes then you'd know why this is funny! (Not knocking the project! The first ones were modded from flashlights. Full circle!)

    make a video im so confused

    Sorry bknott3, i can't make a video. Look the step 3 to now how fit the led.

    Im confused on how to fit the LED

    how do you fit the led?

    I see what you did there.


    Ha! This looks like a pretty good idea. Nice and simple too!

    Welcome to the site! Thanks for sharing this great little project. Hope to see more from you soon.