Picture of Make a Folding Locking Pocket Knife from a MTB Disk Brake
First off I consider knives to be tools NOT weapons. Please use them responsibly, every time someone uses a knife as a weapon it makes it more difficult/Illegal to carry these very useful and potentialy life saving devices. (that is a bit of an extreme example)

Next a little about this project: It is a small knife (2in handle, 1.5in blade), however it can be scaled up. It also features a pocket clip that can be used as a money clip. It uses a lock of my own design (I think), and like most of my other projects, it is built out of scrap.

An equivalent product would be something like this http://www.mec.ca/product/0902-080/opinel-traditional-8-stainless-steel-knife/?f=10+50507

In terms of sharpness and toughness, it is equivalent to most "Stainless Steel" knifes.  If you don't know knifes, and S30V and 420HC are just gibberish,  then it it probably the same as the pocket knife you have (or used to have).

The opening picture shows three pocket knives that me and my brother built from an old mountain bike disk.  The smallest is the one I will be featuring in this instructable. The larger wooden one is much simpler and does not lock. The all metal one also doesn't lock (because of our sub par metal working skills) and it is also not sharp as sharpening the inside edge of a circle is difficult.

Thanks for reading.
Also this is an entry in the "I Could Make That Contest" and if you like it all votes are greatly appreciated.

p.s If you are looking for a pocketknife built out of high quality materials, that will look a bit more professional. I am currently in the process of making and testing a forge, and then ordering and making a S30V and Micarta folder. So stay tuned. In the meantime I recommend This instructable to get started.
Qwertyfish9 months ago
I might try this. I might make a hatchet out of a mtb brake and this. Any other locking mechanisms I could use?
Zaphod Beetlebrox (author)  Qwertyfish9 months ago
You can do a traditional liner lick as well, if you plan on buying a price of titanium, liner locks don't work all that well unless it is made out of a price of spring steel or titanium. This Instructables has a great method for creating a liner lock folder. You could try a locking back style lock but I don't think it will work because of the curvature of the disk brake http://m.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-liner-lock-folding-knife/
Qwertyfish9 months ago
As in it covers the gap when the knife is open to stop it from moving and when force is applied it will move and allow you to put it in, when it is in the metal sheet pressed against the blade locking it in place
Zaphod Beetlebrox (author)  Qwertyfish9 months ago
Yeah that was the plan, didn't work entirely though. The metal that I used for the lock has bent a bit more than it should have so the blade can rock back and forth slightly. However if a proper material wan used (titanium) then I think it would work quite well.

Thanks for asking

Qwertyfish9 months ago
Does the lock mechanism act like a kind of spring