Picture of Make a Frag Rifle in Halo PC
Through the use of HMT, a new, super gun has been created, and I am here to show it to the world! After much experimentation, an assualt rifle has been modified to shoot grenades!


Step 1: Open HMT

Picture of Open HMT
After opening up Halo Map Tools, find any map with an assault rifle, and open it up.
vvo14 years ago
i don't get this step
gamedude645 years ago
wats a bmp.
bitmap format image
mabster5 years ago
can u make it shoot plasma grenades?
teddy19985 years ago
is it possible to substitute the assault rifle ammo with needler ammo?
davison1125 years ago
could  u remake this for peps wit mod tools?

ment to say with the plugins XD
davison1125 years ago
ill tell u what else works,  use the scorpion shell (but drop the ROF to be fair to the enemy :P
The Daft (author)  davison1125 years ago
That actually works great with the sniper rifle. :D
i made the pistol shot 14 scorpion shells in a single line
min spread: 0.00005
max spread: 0.00005
Mine isn't working. The message it gives me is: "There are no controls to display, because a supported tag has not been selected." Any advice?
mattdavis106 years ago
Can you make the grenades home in? Matt
The Daft (author)  mattdavis106 years ago
Yes, just set the homing in the projectile to, say, 2 or 3.
rcweinkauf6 years ago
Welcome to 2006. Sorry to burst your bubble. :D But, I like the direction you're heading in.