Through the use of HMT, a new, super gun has been created, and I am here to show it to the world! After much experimentation, an assualt rifle has been modified to shoot grenades!


Step 1: Open HMT

After opening up Halo Map Tools, find any map with an assault rifle, and open it up.
i don't get this step<br>
wats a bmp.
bitmap format image
can u make it shoot plasma grenades?
is it possible to substitute the assault rifle ammo with needler ammo?
could&nbsp; u remake this for peps wit mod tools?<br /> <br />
ment to say with the plugins XD<br />
ill tell u what else works,&nbsp; use the scorpion shell&nbsp;(but drop the ROF to be fair to the enemy :P<br />
That actually works great with the sniper rifle. :D<br />
i made the pistol shot 14 scorpion shells in a single line<br /> min spread: 0.00005<br /> max spread: 0.00005<br />
Mine isn't working. The message it gives me is: "There are no controls to display, because a supported tag has not been selected." Any advice?
Can you make the grenades home in? Matt
Yes, just set the homing in the projectile to, say, 2 or 3.
Welcome to 2006. Sorry to burst your bubble. :D But, I like the direction you're heading in.

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