Introduction: Make a Frumpy Band Tee More Feminine

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I love going to concerts and bringing something home to remember it by - namely, a t-shirt. However, I never really like the style or pattern of band t-shirts made for girls, but the t-shirts made for guys are very frumpy and unflattering on a woman's figure. This tutorial is an easy way to make an unflattering band t-shirt - or any men's t-shirt - more flattering for your own figure in a simple way that you can easily undo. All it takes is a t-shirt, needle and thread, a safety pin, and a bead/button.

Step 1: Fit to Your Figure

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Start by taking the back of your shirt on either side and pull it in towards the center of your back so it's fitted on top and looser on the bottom. This is probably the most difficult part. Safety pin the pinched fabric together and remove the shirt from your body and lay it flat on a smooth, flat surface.

Step 2: Measure

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Make sure it's even on each side. When that's done, make sure it still fits. Make sure it's loose when on you so when you sew there's a little room for tightening. And, of course, make sure you can slide it on and off still.

Step 3: Begin to Sew

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Pick a needle that will fit through your button or bead. Pick a sturdy thread an lace it through the fabric, close to the pin. Then thread on the bead or button and sew until tight.

Step 4: You're Done!

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Now you've got something a little more stylish to wear to all of the summer music festivals coming up! In addition, you can decorate the bead with strands of beaded hemp string or feathers.


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