Make a Fun Wooden Flying Helicopter





Introduction: Make a Fun Wooden Flying Helicopter

Hi everyone!

In this ible I'm gonna show you how to make a fun spinning helicopter using just common materials which can be easily found in almost every house.

It's a project that I made when I was a child so it's very easy and quick.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


- 2 wooden dowels of 12,5cm

- 1 small hook screw

- Rubberband

- Sheet of hard plastic (I used the cover of a glue package)


- marking pen

- handsaw

- drill and small drill bit

- glue

Step 2: The Wooden Dowels

Take a wooden dowel (1cm diameter), measure and cut two pieces of 12,5 cm using a small handsaw.

Take one piece, mark the center of its top (photo #3) and drill a small hole.

On the other stick cut about 2,5cm as in picture #4. Here we will insert the wings.

Step 3: Create the Hook

On the piece with the cut for the wings mark a little hook as I did in picture #2.

Use a small file to make the hook, and round the end with a file and sand paper.

Now that we finished to work on the wooden dowels, you should get 2 different pieces like my ones in the first photo.

Step 4: Create the Wings

To make the wings you need a material flexible and rigid too. I used a transparent plastic cover from an attack glue package.

Each wing is basicly a 12,5cm x 3cm rectangle with cut corners on one side. See photo #1 and copy all the measures.
NOTE: The dotted lines will be folded! Don't cut them!!

Cut and connect them together with small pieces of scotch tape just on the left border lines. (The 3 ones on the left in the picture #2)

Then old a wing on the dotted line, and do the same for the other one. The wings should be folded in two different directions as you can see in the last photo.

Step 5: Glue the Wings in Place

Insert the wings in the cut that you previously made, and apply a small amount of glue.

Step 6: Secure the Rubberband in Place

Insert a small hook screw in the stick with the hole.

You could use a thicker rubberband, but since I had just those smaller ones I used them connecting them together as you can see in photo #3.

Insert it in the hook screw, and you have done! You finished to build the toy.

Step 7: Finish! Go Out and Make It Fly.

In order to make it fly, grab the helicopter as in picture #2 (the hook should be facing down).

Then grab the other stick with your other hand and insert the hook of the helicopter in the rubberband. Pull it, aim the sky, and leave it.

Since we folded the wings, the helicopter will fly in the air and then it will rotate until it will touch the ground.

I hope that you liked this easy DIY toy!

Thank you for reading my Instructable. ;)
Feel free to comment and ask if you need to know something!




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Do you have a you tube video of it actually flying? I remember (many years ago) making this at school and taking it home. I broke it trying to make it fly.

no I haven't. but it works like this one Maybe your hook screw was too long and your helicopter bumped into it?

I live most of the year in Mexico, but next month returning to US to see Grand kids. They expect me to make toys, and this is one.

Will attach an LED throwie

yes great idea!! Have a nice time with your grand kids!

Post also a "I made it" photo ;)

a demo video would be great to see that thing fly ;)

it works like this one

cool i see ;) thx

Great project for kids during our yearly camping trip, thanks.

yeah!! thank you for the appreciation!