Make a Giant Twix!

Picture of Make a Giant Twix!
You know those days where you are at home, shot, upset and unwilling to sing a beautiful song? It is not like this bunch of assim.Fa�a unoccupied. Join the obese friends and make a giant Twix bar!

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
2 packages of cookie Maizena
1 package of caramel candy
2 pounds of chocolate to milk

First of all you will need a "form" for chocolate.Pode be, for example, a telha.Esque�am "fish in the tile, the business now is to make chocolate.
Now cover the roof with paper manteiga.Depois, it is time to ask the staff to work.

Have someone open the balas.O more lazy can crush a biscuit in blender.

Step 2: Melt the chocolate

Picture of Melt the chocolate
While caramels are "peeled", the wafers are ground and the "form" is already ready, let someone melting chocolate in the bath maria.N�o all the chocolate melts, only 1 kilo. After melted, it's time to throw the chocolate in the tile. Either way, get what you want.

Step 3: Melt the caramel

Picture of Melt the caramel
After spreading to almost all the chocolate you melted the tile, use a spoon and spread the sweet by forma.Depois it, find a place for business in the freezer. It is important that this layer is especially thick because she will endure the hot caramel.
To melt the caramel, you USA chocolare of the same process. After you cut the freezer melted to form the chocolare and put the caramel on top.

Step 4: Just throw a cookie on the caramel

Picture of just throw a cookie on the caramel
Caramel properly put in tile, then comes the wafer.
Why not very complicated. just throw a cookie on the caramel.

Step 5: Filling the Holes

Picture of Filling the Holes
Ok formed Chocolate, caramel and wafer placed crushed. Now we just lack the fresh seal.
Melt chocolate which he left in the same scheme maria bath. Make some holes filled in for the best chocolate fix.
Start filling the holes then spread throughout the chocolate.

Step 6: End

Picture of End
It is now so play the tile in the freezer again and wait.
After an hour the sweet must be ready. There is only drawn from the freezer, turn the table
and remove the butter paper.
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ppires6 years ago
Essa tradução do portugues deixa muito a desejar ;) Muito bem! Só para os verdadeiros apreciadores de twix!
what? i don't understand portuguese.
I think it says, "this translation from portugese leaves a lot to be desired;) Very good! For true Twix lovers." (mind you I don't speak portugese, but I speak spanish, and it seems similar)
it means "Portuguese translation of this leaves much to be desired ;) Very good! So for the true lovers of Twix!" from itranslate for iPhone/iPod Touch Nice Skills "Purocuyu"!
unbunny6 years ago
Gosh, I just SO thoroughly enjoyed the translation from Portugese! Every word was pure poetry...
Gh{O}sT unbunny6 years ago
i agree
Atomman6 years ago
I feel like eating it, but the thought of how "large" it would make you...
cupofjoe966 years ago
how are you gonna eat that?
suesueisme6 years ago
Yummy in any language!
AWSOME ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! my birthday is coming . . . :)
SammyFM6 years ago
I love you for that! I recommend http://thisiswhyyourefat.com. Maybe we could work some stuff from there out ;-)
Bandaids6 years ago
Cake is a Lie but Giant Twix no thats for real
smssouzajr6 years ago
Olá amigo você poderia me passar a receita por e-mail? smssouzajr@gmail.com Te agradeço!!!
ReCreate6 years ago
Now Don't Get Fat.
no rofl like rolling on floor laughing
Ah,I get it. :P idgtis!
That Means
I D on't G et T his I nternet s lang
Laugh out loud.
CyberCrash6 years ago
Essa tua tradução tá mal heim fio? O_o!!!
merijnvw6 years ago
Making a giant Mars should be similar to this? Because when i just met my girlfriend I said I was going to marry her and then we bet, if we married before our 35th year she would give me a mars and else i would give her one. I should've bet for more because it looks like we're going to marry because we're together for some years now. She said she would make a gaint mars then so i'll tip this instructable to her! thanks
paigerbaby6 years ago
I'm getting diabetes just LOOKING at this twix. lol YUM, um.......... didn't you make you one? I only see mine. ;)
Benith6 years ago
It's beautiful. Although...Where's the second bar? ;)
I will test this some day :D
Foaly76 years ago
Sweet. Totally making a Giant Twix PB. Or Twix Java.
My birthday is coming up...who needs a cake?
same, im making this then eating it at my B-day... it would be quite hard to eat yourself :-)
Badgergirl6 years ago
oh my gosh... all my dreams have come true!
lil jon1686 years ago
that small twix looks like a terd
Despite how gross that is, it still makes me laugh. Goof ball.
lol, yeah and i don't know why... -Hehehe, Chris
Ponanza6 years ago
inkjacket6 years ago
HAHAHaaa, this is great! Now I don't think i'll be so tempted to touch the second one and will actually save one for later. Awesome work, great idea:)
its a fat kids dream.................wow why am i drooling
Also a skinny kids dream,and a skinny mans dream,and an Everyones Dream :P
abadfart6 years ago
i want to eat that
Iridium76 years ago
you should put this on here!
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