Step 10: Sew in the Zip

 This is the most difficult part so if you are tired, stressed, rushed, or even pissed off don't try it.  OK, feeling better?  Good.

So you are going to in a long rectangle around the zip.

Start in an easy place, like the middle
Sew down to the end and sew across to the other side
Sew down that side, across to the first side and to the middle.

Take your time and make sure you are getting through the outside, the folded under part, and the zip.  It's easy to stop, unpick and go again so keep checking where you have sewn regularly.
<p>This is fantastic! Watch for it to be featured at Patternpile.com.</p>
Was there any problem with the zipper scuffing up the instrument. I'm guessing that since it's nylon, it wouldn't do that too badly, but just wondering. Also, have the nylon zippers held well? Thanks for doing this! I have some ideas for making my son a gig bag for Christmas, and this is helpful because it implements a lot of what I was thinking, and it seems to work.
I haven't had any problems with the zips wearing out or scratching. Because the bag is sewn more like an envelope (2D) instead of a box, the zips are kept away from the instrument. A few years back I made a more fitted case using the zip and side panels from one of those freebie conference courier bags and even though it is a tighter fit, zips are doing fine and no scratching.
Excellent instructable, I wanted to make a leather gigbag for my uke and keytar. I would favorite it but I keep getting an error.
Thanks Cameronhirsch, I've worked with leather for making guitar straps ect... but if you want to sew thicker hide, you'll have to use a &quot;walking foot&quot; industrial machine or stitcher used for making shoes. When I made my double bass case a few years ago, I put hide between my inner and outer layers where I wanted extra protection. I kept it in place by sewing the inner and outer layers together around it (like quilting?). That was 15 years ago and the leather pieces are still in place and I didn't have to sew through the hide.
Yeah, I've been a freelance tailor/seamster for 6 years now. It's amazing some of the stuff you can make with a little effort and some time.
Thanks for instructions on making a guitar bag. I am going to try it. Like your re use of old curtains.. this is exactly what I&nbsp;will use with an old mattresss protector as lining. Good to see a bloke so handy with a sewing machine. well done.
&nbsp;Thanks for the compliments. &nbsp;As my wife says, &nbsp;I'm a bloke and its a machine. &nbsp;Shouldn't be too surprising.... If you caught me hand sewing something.... that'd be a different story.
Hey man sweet idea. Idk if id trust my les paul in it tho but it would be cool for taking an acoustic on a campout.
&nbsp;Fair enough. &nbsp;I still carry my Fender Jazz Bass in a hard case but it's a pain on public transport!
<p>Well duh no one cares about jazz instruments haha jk ive been trying to get in my schools jazz band for ages....</p>
Wow nice work, I made a similar bag for my friend recently for her ukulele but mine was only a single layer of fabric and the zip I had was so long it took up a whole side of the case. Unfortunately, the ukulele I measured off (my brothers), was just a little bit smaller than hers-as it was a surprise present I couldn't exactly ask to look at hers-and hers didn't fit..She liked the thought though!<br />
&nbsp;Man, that's tragic. &nbsp;At least it wasn't a dress....too big or too small has disasterous consequences.
Very cool! I was thinking just the other day that I needed a soft case for my electric guitar to carry it around more easily. Perhaps I will modify your instructions for a smaller guitar and give it a go. If I do build up the motivation to make a variation on this, I'll be sure to let you know (perhaps even post an Instructable or slide show). Anyhow, thanks for the inspiration! <br />
&nbsp;Hey Randofo, &nbsp;I love your instructables, especially the T-shirt floor. &nbsp;You can definitely use this instructable to make a guitar gig bag.

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