Step 13: Extension Cord Modification

Picture of Extension Cord Modification
19 - CutWire.jpg
20 - SplitWire.jpg
21 - StripWire.jpg
22 - InsertWire.jpg
23 - ReadyToSolder.jpg
Using wire cutters, remove socket side of of extension cord.
     NOTE: Do not cut the pronged side of the cord.

Pull apart the insulation holding the two wires together until you have separated about an inch. If you are having trouble you may use a knife or wire cutters to help you.
     NOTE: If using a knife or wire cutters, do not cut the wires themselves.

Strip approximately 1/4" of insulation from each wire and tread the stripped wire through the top of the cut bottle.
     NOTE: Do not pull the wires suddenly. This may damage the bottle.