I came up with this idea of making Junk Locket with screw washer and some beads.Its very simple to make and it looks very cool . lets get started -

Step 1: Painting Glittery


  • Any glittery nail polish
  • old washer(circular)
  • Two same type of beads and one another kind of bead
  • Black yarn

Gather all your supplies.

Paint the circular thing with glitter nail polish.

Put a piece of yarn through the hole as shown in the image.

Put the two parts through the yarn like shown in the image.

Step 2: Puting the Beads

Place a bead on top to secure the yarn.

Now put the two beads to each side of the yarn.

<p>Great idea! I'm going to try heat embossing powder on a washer coated with VersaMark. </p>

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