My little grandson is really struggling with his Daddy being gone.  Going to sleep is the last thing he wants to do.  I came across this idea on Pintrest (of course) and you can see their version here:  http://matsutakeblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/reminder-dont-throw-out-those-plastic.html#!/2012/04/reminder-dont-throw-out-those-plastic.html. No tutorial, just a picture.  So I decided to give them a try, for he is a BOY and loves BUGS.  Hopefully I can convince him that he should go to bed when Glow Bugs go to bed.  Well it’s worth a shot.

Step 1:

Translucent plastic egg, (left over from last Easter, never throw away left over plastic eggs)
LED tea lights (craft stores, price range from 2 for $3 to $2 each, mine were left over from a wedding a couple of years ago)
½ inch slice from a Pool noodle ($1 each at the Dollar store)
E-6000 or 9001 glue ($4 a tube)
Pipe cleaners (your choice of color, I used2 black and 1 yellow)
7 mm googly eyes ($1 for a couple dozen)
Drill with small drill bit (not shown)
Masking tape
Tape measure or ruler
Plastic page protector
<p>Excellent project to do with my kids. Thanks for the info!</p>
These are easy enough to make with my culture kids. Thanks!!
Those are super cute! You could also used those plastic containers you get inside a Kinder Surprise.
That's a great idea! Thanks for commenting.
very nice
Oh yeah! These are cute!
This is really nice :D i need to make couple of them for my sister
Nicely done. I like how these came out.

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