Introduction: Make a Glow in the Dark Fountain Pen

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My nephew was working with me in the shop and he wanted to make a Glow in the Dark fountain pen. He also wanted to make a video about it. We did both.
What you would need.
Pen component set
Glow in the Dark fiberglass
White or silver spray paint
Polyester resin
A mold for the resin (can be a simple small plastic container)
A lathe and tools.

Step 1:

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We painted the tubes so the small bits that show through the mesh of the fiberglass where a matching color. He chose silver. It looked good and white would have also looked good. After we painted we inserted the tubes into the fiberglass sleeve and glued it down.

The rest of the steps are in the video. Please click on the youtube icon and give Him a like. I know he still is checking it and reading comments and he did a great job. Enjoy......

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