Introduction: Make a Glowing City!

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Here I will show you how to make a city that looks like its glowing with common house hold items! You can use these to decorate your home or make cards out of them.

You will need:
Spray Paint (I like black best)
Two sheets of paper

Step 1: Getting Ready to Paint!

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Cut out the lines of a city. You don't have to do a city! You can do flowers, animals, people, etc.

Once your out line is cut out, put it ontop of the main peice of paper. Weigh it down on every extended part of city. (If you don't do this, it won't look good)

Step 2: Spray!

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Spay the paper so it's darkest at the top, and lighter around the edges of the city.

After a few minuits take off the rocks and cut out. You are done!

Enjoy your new art!

Step 3: Optional Detail

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You can add windows with crayon or oil pastels.

Be creative!  


artworker (author)2010-08-04

Do this on a tracing paper, glue it in a box and put light inside. Awesome idea! Can be detailed with more colors!

pie popper (author)artworker2010-08-06

I never thought of that! That would look great!

jnifrwebb (author)2010-08-05

So, now I have a project to try this weekend!

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