Make a Glowing Rock Lamp!





Introduction: Make a Glowing Rock Lamp!

A simple way to make a rock lamp that glows like embers Using Himalayan salt rocks and a strip of L.E.D's.



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    do you know how much the Himalayan rocks

    I like it !!! This must be what is used in electric fireplaces to get the fire look. I'm wondering if there would be some way to make these into a floor lamp. Seems to me that any clear kind of crystal type of stone might also work for this.

    I did something like this with some quartz stone I bought from a geo store in the mall (They carry all sorts of stone and rock), I then used a RGB Led strip with a controler that changed the colors over time (set it to fade from color to color). Good job on this project!

    You can find unexpensive Himalayan salt rock in some hunting stores, used as mineral lick for deers

    Do you think this could be made bigger or with other effects I'm not sure where this is going but I wonder if the box could have design? Would you know how to do that?