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Who doesn't love the GoPro cameras? Does everyone love their mounting system unequivocally? Didn't think so. It's a great system, but if you want to be more traditional and mount your GoPro to a tripod you're a bit out of luck, unless you buy a tripod adapter for around $10. Sure, it's not a huge amount of money, but why buy when we can make?

For this instructable you will need:


  • 1x 1/4-20 hex nut
  • 1x Domed M5 cap nut
  • 1x 45mm long M5 hex bolt (optional)
  • Epoxy glue


  • 3D printer (or means of getting access to one)
  • Random X-Acto knives, files, pliers

So what are we waiting for, let's get started?

Step 1: Model the Adapter

First we need to plan out and 3D model your adapter. Feel free to be creative in this step, but make sure the areas where we will insert the nuts as well as the slots where the GoPro mount will fit are as uncreatively correct as possible.

So, why do we use actual nuts instead of just printing the threads? It all comes down to strength. Printing the threads would work just fine, but because plastic is a somewhat weak material in comparison the threads would be easily damaged and be stripped out if you happened to tension the screws just a little bit too much.

Here we modeled the adapter in two parts, and I will get into why in the next step.

<p>Nice job! Well done and documented Instructable.</p>

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