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Make a hit record and sell over 500,000 copies and you've gone gold. I don't play any music and will never make music that will drive music fans to the stores in droves, but I feel like I've done some cool stuff and why shouldn't I have a record for my own achievements? So screw that, I decided to just make one of my own.

With about $10 you can do it, too. Follow these steps and live the golden life.

Step 1: Paint it Black and Gold

Picture of Paint it Black and Gold
You can get the supplies you need at any nearby thrift store. Grab any record and a frame big enough to show it off. Don't worry about any of the colors because with cans of black and gold spraypaint it will all look perfect in just a few minutes.

The record is easy enough to paint. Just use lights coats and keep the can moving. Use the same technique on the frame and you'll come out just fine.

The black spraypaint is used to turn the backing board from the frame into a nice backdrop for the record. If you have some black foamcore lying around, then that'll do great, too.
LucDaRocka12 years ago
Just made one as a gift for Christmas for my girlfriend!!!
fungus amungus (author)  LucDaRocka12 years ago
Rush_21124 years ago
Can you still listen to the records? I do love my music!
gotta gonna make one for when i graduate uni!
Arbitror6 years ago
I think a golden saw blade would look awesome!
u spelled awesome rong
he spelled it awesome you spelled it awesome (unless your talking about the record)
you spelled you and wrong wrong
It's quite ironic, isn't it?
I know, I was just being an ironic figure of a hypocrite
bumpus6 years ago
This should be an award on instructables. Like, highest viewed, or highest rated instructable on the site. :D
PKM bumpus6 years ago
Interestingly the top 8 highest viewed Instructables on the site have literally gone gold with over 500,000 views, whilst How to kiss has the accomplishment of being (at time of going to... web) the only platinum Instructable with over a million views.
Arbitror PKM5 years ago
I count 3 platinums now... But I guess it is a year later!
fungus amungus (author)  bumpus6 years ago
That would be cool. The tricky part here is finding the right frame for cheap. I totally lucked out getting this one for $4, but it would be a bit of legwork getting more.
Maybe a patch or image instead of the real thing would be more cost effective.
minhocaloka5 years ago
UUUUU, quite intresting=D i'll posto soon mine work=D tnx for the instructable=D
hi would you still be able to play the record?that way you can show it off and say its "gold"!!
Soupraok5 years ago
How did you cut the label out so perfectly round?
fungus amungus (author)  Soupraok5 years ago
Just an X-acto blade. Might've used a circle as a guide, but can't remember.
Thanks for the instructable,
Here are two I made for my buddy for Christmas.
Soupraok5 years ago
This link, http://www.morphius.com/manufacturing/index.cfm?cc=templates has a downloadable template

Sandisk1duo6 years ago
Awesome! this will suffice for almost any occasion
Great idea for all those damned Michael McDonald records I have laying around...
Commemorate making an onion bagel with Butter.
Wow, this is really cool!
Where to find 24k gold spray paint...
woa sooo gonna do this for one of my friend band :D :D :D and i might put on a suit and pop up to to stage and give this to them from "the label" :D :D she's so gonna love this and Really really excellent work dude
That's great! I think I might make one of these for a friend of mine.
thats really neat....
gmjhowe6 years ago
Haha nice! My friends did a similar thing when they sold 100 copies of their home recorded album!