Hacking the Spy Video Trakr III: Make a Grabber Bot Out of Legos, Snap Circuits, and the Spy Video Trakr

Step 5: Install the Header Pins on the Trakr Circuit Board

Picture of Install the Header Pins on the Trakr Circuit Board
(Photo courtesy of CPT Hans)

In this section, I'll show you where to install the header pins in the General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) connections on the Trakr's circuit board. You will need the following:

1 40-pin headder. Sparkfun part# PRT-00116 ($1.50).
1 Jar of Wire Glue. Think Geek ($3.99).
Wire cutters. There are only 9 GPIO connections so, you'll want to cut 9 pins off the header and save the rest for other projects.
Phillips screw driver, size 1 (fits fastener sizes 2-4).
Toothpics to apply the Wire Glue
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