I was inspired to make this by a unique necklace I found on modcloth.com. However,  being one of a meager budget, I decided to make my  own.

The beads that i was using were purchased at hobby lobby for around four dollars. Though regrettably, a multicolor pack  was the cheapest, so I was forced  to sort out the color beads I wanted. Why not just buy the color I want? we're talking meager here, people.

Step 1: Materials

You will be needing:

1. seed beads--I used the medium size( not big, not small)
2. fishing line--you could use thread, but I felt that fishing line would be stronger and if any showed it would be hard to see.
3. super glue is technically optional, but I needed it on knots to make it very secure, because fishing line doesn't like to be tied into teeny knots.
4. Small jewelry rings ( the type used to attach charms onto bracelets)
5.Yarn OR  a Clasp
This is a good design - I made one similar using tiger tail, means you can use metal crimps to secure it more easily!
that is very pretty but my eyes are crossed just thinking about threading all those beads ! The necklaces I make are just macramaed ladder ribbon
thanks, yeah it took a while, but it was one of those relaxing repetitive action things. ( or so i kept telling myself when i wanted to throw it). I like yours too, ive never done macrame, but it seems right up my alley :)
That's really pretty, I like the colour.
thanks! sorry I'm a little late on the reply. :)

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