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Introduction: Make a Growler Pressure Cap

I'm a craft beer lover and started gaining weight. In order to be able to enjoy my passion I had to change my diet and I'm now all Paleo... all the time. In order to enjoy an entire growler of fresh ale I must pace myself. Thus I have to keep a growler's contents alive as long as possible. Thus I made growler cap, similar to the ones I use on PET bottles with a gas/CO2 fitting is a necessity.
Please note: With no pressure relief valve, you must NOT overfill a glass growler.  I always set my gas below 10psi and I would recommend you wrap the growler in a thick towel when adding pressure.  

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


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Took me a bit to find. Search for parts:

Grolsch EZ Gasket

tr416 valve

I'm to cheap to buy that. Nice idea though.

I made these because the carb caps were expensive at the time. Certainly interesting in new solutions, but I'll let a few others (early adopter types) find the flaws, if there are any.