Make a Guerilla Camera Dolly


Introduction: Make a Guerilla Camera Dolly

Learn how to get cool camera dolly shots using a rain gutter.



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    You couldn't set your video to be paused to allow people to open it on their own? Playing automatically in someone else's instructable is bad form. I had to refresh several times to figure out where the garbage music was coming from. I thought it was the Toyota ads and almost left this otherwise fine page.

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    Sorry. I never wanted the video to autoplay and I could never figure out how to make it stop. Deleted.

    Is the motorized arm from a programmable telescope ? that is freakin sweet!! this has to be the most McGyver-ish thing i have ever seen nice work

    Where did you get the remote arm and how much did it cost ? That adds a whole new meaning to the videos.

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    I like it, nice and simple and it performs well.

    You show the best tips.  Soon I'll be creditting you on my vids!!!

    Cool trick, and it gives a great filming effect.

    that is so awesome... and its so simple to make... I've seen robot like dolly's that are very very expensive... this one is cheap to make and seems to work just fine...

    1 reply has its limits.  But is a great alternative to spending hundreds on a dolly if you just need a simple shot.

    I LOVE you for sharing this.  This is something I can make.

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     That is exactly what i hoped to hear.