Make a Gurilla Spotlight


Introduction: Make a Gurilla Spotlight

This is a cool lighting tip for video shooters out there.



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    This is exactly what I was looking for. I need an inexpensive way to "spotlight" my hands during a specific portion of my magic show and I simply can't afford a follow spot. Thanks. I already have some ideas to modify some lights I already own - hope to post those soon.

    This is a huge fire hazard.  Incandescent lights get very hot.  Part of the reason why they use so much more energy compared to CFLs or LEDs is because much of the energy they use is converted to heat, rather than light.  I mean, an incandescent bulb is all that makes an easy-bake oven work.  Putting a paperboard tube within a few centimeters of a bulb is a recipe for disaster (pun intended).

    A much safer way to make a snoot (which is what you're doing; a spot is a whole different fixture) is just to use the black wrap on its own.  This is a technique used on professional film sets when a snoot is needed in a pinch.

    Also, just so you know, it's spell "guerrilla."

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    I am from a professional film background as well, but make videos like this to help people who work on ultra low budgets.   I did say in the video that you have to be careful cause the idea could be a fire hazard.  And i am aware that this idea is essentially a snoot.  The audience I am going for primarily doesn't know that terminology and I didn't think it necessary to call it that.  And yes I am aware that it is spelled gurilla different from guerilla.  This is my trademark approach to show it's from me.  Thanks for the comment.

    You just answered a question for me about a future vid.  Cool stuff!

     So simple, yet the effect looks awesome. Keep up the good work. :)

    I'm going to use this for sure.  Thanks!

    OK... now this is something I can do and use. Thanks!