Make a Hand Lifecast Bookend




Introduction: Make a Hand Lifecast Bookend

This video shows how to make a hand lifecast bookend model or prototype to use for a latex mold for casting further casts from concrete. The hand is made with using alginate and you can see how to make a hand lifecast in this video on the Dramamask Evolution channel - Instructables video link:

The hand lifecast, casted from plaster of paris, is embedded into a plaster of Paris panel or slab and the book end model is created using the techniques in this video.

The model cast is created to make the shape ready for latex molding and subsequent casts from the latex mold. When the mold is created, future casts will be casted using concrete for a substantial bookend which will be ready for practical use. A video showing the molding and casting process for the book end will be shown in a future video. In this video, the model is made and a painting effect shown ready for the molding process.



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