Step 3: Hang Those Pots and Fill Em Up Good!

Believe it or not, this is themost difficult step. Hang the pots alternatingly, as shown in the pictures. Be very careful not to let the pots drop into the other pots while you stack them, as they might break. Carefully lift it up onto the hook and fill them up. It's best to find the permanent spot you want the pots to hang in; after they're filled they are heavy and hard to move and hang again. You can choose different sized pots, just make sure that the top is open enough for the plants to grow through. For example, you could hang a small pot on top, a larger pot on bottom, and sizes in between the two in the middle to create a cascading look.
Very good idea!
Thank you!
<br>just was wondering abut the water dripping <br>how did u solve that ??<br>im making 1 of thees &amp; its a tomato planter so was soo worried coz u know how much extra water the tomatoes needs <br>
Cool! I also like to do different crafts in garden. Here my photos&nbsp;<a href="http://floweryvale.ru/photogallery/category/88-sadovye-podelki.html">http://floweryvale.ru/photogallery/category/88-sadovye-podelki.html</a>

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