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Introduction: Make a Hat on a Circular Loom

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This is an fun, easy to make hat that anyone can make. I hope you enjoy this adorable beanie!

Photos taken by my brother,

Step 1: Supplies

Items you'll need:
-Yarn (all yarn will be fine for this project :))
-Crochet/loom hook
-Loom (You can get a loom at Micheal's or possibly Joanne fabrics, the hook comes with it.)
-Scissors (sorry I didn't put scissors in the picture...)

Step 2: Start Making the Hat

Ok, to start the hat you'll need to wrap the end of your yarn to the peg on the side of your loom. Wrap it around about 3 times then knot it. When you finish wrapping you have to wrap your yarn around each peg until you have all of them, after you wrap all of them loosely wrap around the tops of the pegs. Take your hook and grab the bottom of the last peg you wrapped, pull that wrap up over the peg and you have your first knot. Do this all around the loom until all the pegs have 1 loop around them.

Step 3: Making the Rim

This step will explain how to make the rim of your hat. Once your have 12 rows finished then take the knot you tied in the beginning and untie it. Take the bottom of the 12 and take the loops and put them on the pegs. Take the bottom loops and pull them over the pegs like you would in the last step. After you do the rim you just have to crochet normally until you get the amount that will fit your head.

Step 4: Finishing Your Hat

To finish your hat you'll have to have crocheted enough to fit your head. Take your yarn and wrap around your loom to estimate the length of the ending yarn. Cut the yarn when you wrap it all the way around.  Take your hook and hook the bottom loop, then hook the top loop pull them both over the peg. Do that to all of them until your loom is empty, pull the yarn that has gone through the loops and turn your hat inside out. Tie a knot at the end of your yarn to finish your lovely hat. Turn it right side out again to put it on.

Step 5: Thank You!

Thank you for reading my Instructable and I hope you enjoyed it! here are some of the pictures of how the hat might look when its finished.



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    thank you for all your help

    could you try to be more clear? the way you jumped from step two to three was really confusing. especially picture wise.

    This is how my wife made my hat. If you don't understand the color scheme, it means you haven't seen a little show called "Firefly."

    4 replies

    thats the most shiny hat i've ever seen. makes you look very cunning.

    im learning how to knit and do all this stuff for the soul purpose of learning to make jaynes hat.

    Pretty cunning. Possibly the sweetest hat ever.

    "Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything."

    Thats a cool hat and yes ive seen of the show firefly :)

    Wonderful 'ible. Thanks for the rim instruction.
    Your little sister is just adorable. She is going to be a beautiful young lady when she grows up. She makes a great model for your great hats.

    This was going fantastic, until I got to the part where you take the hat off the loom. Long story short, I'm re-weaving it and using my instructional booklet for the Garter Method. I'm sure it was my fault that I messed up, and I love how you made the brim.

    P.S. Thanks for sharing this, now I have a nice weekend project. :)

    I just gave one of these to my sister for Christmas!

    2 replies

    Cool! I would love to see some pictures of other peoples hats that have been made on the loom!

    Hope you like the forgot to add that I used double threads while knitting on my store bought loom. One an off white and the other a gray. The loom is fun because it is quick to use. I have made several hats but usually only about two a year.

    This is the last hat I made this January as it just got too cold for my regular hat. This one I made double thick. I added fantasy fluff yarn in the top rows and then made the pom pom out of the same black, brown and gray yarn.


    Neat! I could use a knit hat. I plan to make a circular loom, and try this.

    1 reply

    They are super easy to make, the one in this instructable took me at least 2 hours! I would love to see some pictures of the finished project!

    1) What a beautiful little sister! She reminds me one of my granddaughters.

    2) The step 2 is a key to understand how knitting, but the explanation is poor and the images are dark. Can you add some more detailed explanation? I like these circular looms, they are awesome.

    3) Thanks for sharing your know-how.

    2 replies

    Sorry about the bad explaination... I couldn't figure out how to explain that step very well. And some of the pics were taken by my brother, and my sister was so happy that she got some comments on how beautiful she was so thank you! :)

    As soon as she starts making her next hat, better pictures will be taken.

    -Meesy's Brother.