Make a Haunted House using PVC Pipe and Plastic Backdrops

video Make a Haunted House using PVC Pipe and Plastic Backdrops
This instructable shows you how to make a Haunted House from PVC pipe and plastic backdrops. It's lightweight, low-cost, and easy to set up & disassemble. It's made from standard PVC fittings & pipe that you can purchase at any plumbing supply or Big-Box store.

About 4 years ago we build our first Haunted House for our PTO's Trunk-or-Treat event. Every year since then I've improved the process a little to make it easier to setup and dissemble. - the use of shower curtains to hang the backdrops reduced the setup time significantly. The time consuming part is building the components for the structure - which is modular and can be broken down for storage. We can setup an 8 -room Haunted house in about 30 minutes - not including the time to add props.

We've build this outdoors a few times, but the wind is your enemy. The structure is light-weight and the backdrops act like huge sails, so a strong breeze can blow it over. If you build it outside you may want to weigh down the frame using cinder blocks.
fromdehart4 months ago

Thank you! I'm making a theatrical backdrop for a children's play and this gave me some great ideas!

mckeephoto3 years ago
Nice and easy. I like it! Good info on the details, too. I tried a project but was using sched 20. The sag was brutal.

I also like the way the two top rails can be used to hang light weight props!