Make a Homemade Bluetooth Speaker





Introduction: Make a Homemade Bluetooth Speaker

In this build log you can see how I built my own bluetooth speaker, and the design process behind it. Optimised for bass, the final unit beats the Jawbone Jambox, which is saying something!

Here is a list of parts, searching ebay (worldwide) directly for the quoted items should allow you to buy the same ones that I bought from China.

15w Amplifier - "ta2024 amplifier "
Bluetooth module - bluetooth audio receiver usb"
Voltage converter - "12v to 5v buck step down"
Battery charger - "SC Fast Charger for NiCd/NiMH batteries Vapextech"
Ground loop isolator - "ground loop isolator"



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    I liked this instructable. Can you post a list of materials and where I could come across those items. Looks spectacular.

    Parts list added. :)

    I tried building one, but my speakers sound crap. Seems like it is the ground loop you talked about. Can you please do an in depth video about that problem, how to prevent and also how to fix it. I dont have those transformers from isolators :( .......

    Could you please list the speakers you used? Thank you.

    I really need to know how to connect the circuit and switches and wires.

    where did you buy stuff?

    This is so great!! I loved learning the bass boost hack! I'd really appreciate it if you posted the low-pass schematic? :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    what is the wattage of the speaker?

    what is the wattage of the speaker?