Picture of Make a Homemade Vase
Materials: empty soda bottle, scissors, hands.


1. Take your soda bottle and drink all the soda to make it an empty soda bottle.

2. Going from the top of the bottle, going down to where the curved part meets up with the straight part, stop there and cut all the way around there.

3. Cut into the soda bottle, going straight down, until you meet up with the curved part of the bottle and fold those strips down until they make a 90 degree angle with the bottle.

4. Find the midpoint of each of those strips and fold them in a certain direction, overlapping each strip onto the other one.

5. You have your completed vase. Feel free to fill it with flowers, rocks, chia pets, little stuffed animals, ant farm, or whatever your heart desires.

Here is the video to this vase concept: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwPAbj0-83c
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