This instructable will show you how to make a microwaveable neck-warmer AKA hot-pod. These are great for keeping your neck warm during those cold winter/late-autumn/Yukon nights. Just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and it stays warm and smells great for about an hour.

They also make great gifts. I made this one as a way-early Christmas gift for my sister-inlaw-inlaw-inlaw.

This instructable assumes you have basic knowledge of sewing.

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you need, to make a hotpod.

-Some cotton fabric, or a T-shirt you don't want (in this case, a t-shirt)
-Something to put inside the hotpod. There are lots of options for this. I'm using wheat berries that I got from the bulk foods section of the grocery store. It takes about a pound. You can also use oat seeds and regular (non-instant rice). Whatever you want to use, just try microwaving a little bit of it first to see that it doesn't burn or smell gross.
-Optional: some nice-smelling stuff to mix in with the seeds. A couple bags of your favourite tea will work nice.

Cost: $2 for the t-shirt (Anchor Blue was going out of business; you can also get cheap shirts at Value Village or Goodwill), $1 for a pound of of oat wheat berries (and I had a little bit leftover), and a couple bucks for the tea. Total: $5 - $6.

-A sewing machine. Or just a needle and some thread, if you're hardcore.
-Some scissors to cut the fabric
-Some scissors to cut thread (could be the same pair of scissors, I guess)
-A scoop of some kind, or a small bowl
-Optional: Some music to keep yourself entertained.
Didn't know about the scenting! Could lavendar be used? (Ik make mine with cherry/olive pips. Takes quite a bit of eating though ...)
Thank for the instructable!&nbsp; Can you use other grains besides oat wheat berries?<br />
Hi Thanks for the clear instructions. I didn't use a t shirt. Made mine out of a piece of cotton fabric. Thanks
Very interesting.

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